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First thing I did, even before dressing, was to go online and upgrade my seats on Amtrak from coach to small room. Usually those are sold out by now, or expensive, but this time they were available both directions, and $190 a pop. Included are lunch and dinner.

As is often the case, I am ready for my trip except for the things which one must do at the last minute, such as pack my toilet trees, and drive to the train station.

While I am gone the neighborhood owners will be inspecting all the outsides of the homes, so yesterday I cut back all the poppies which were clogging the culvert, and today I swept up all the flotsam which had gotten trapped there in the rain and re-assigned it to be biodegradable material for the hedges. There was a stupid rule that nothing is supposed to be attached to the side of the house, so I took down the car charger and put it in its spot under the front seat, and unscrewed the wand holder and parked it in the laundry room with the extension cord & wemo switch which I use to shut off the power to the charger after the battery is full. Because like a laptop charger, it keeps using power and being a fire hazard as long as there is power to it.

Went to Lucky's and bought all the snacks. I've had bad experiences when soft stuff and cookies have been squished beyond edibility so this time everything is in a small storage container. I've packed the PC and its accessories in the slot for them in my dinosaur pack, and then all the snacks in the other section. It is now full. I may put an apple in one of the side pockets, or I may not.

Too windy to stay out on the porch this afternoon.

There was one (1) job worth applying for out of the dozens in my inbox.  I don't expect anything more on the weekends. Have not heard back from the Amazon recruiter about a phone call time.

In other news, the stuffed cat has proven to be a very good replacement for the wounded bear. And it's softer, which is nice. It's pretty much the same size.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get to the train station way early because parking may be an issue.
Coast Starlight at 10 am to Santa Barbara
Pacific Surfliner to Ventura
5 block walk to the hotel

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