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It's a Plant

17 of them, actually. In an effort to cat-proof my patio, so I can let the cats outside without letting them out, I lined the patio wall with flower pots. Now they are filled with flowers.

Photos are here

The close-ups were taken with a newly aquired mini-nikkor 60mm macro lens on a D70 digital SLR. I'm not real pleased with this lens so far - it has almost no depth of field close up, and the auto focus is unpredictible. The wide shots were done with a Nikor 28-200 zoom, which can almost do as good a close-up shot zoomed in as the macro lens can.

I tried using the macro lens to get pictures of Domino grooming Pumpkin, but kept missing the "right" shot. Might have been the angle - I was lying on my back in bed, and they were at the foot of the bed. I was afraid if I moved to get a better angle, they would flee.

Anyhow, those photos, such as they are, can be found here

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