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Mister Eclectic

I did all the things

Alarmingly high Hgl >320 at bedtime. The Thai dinner must have had sugar in it. And the mint fudge cookies pack more of a punch than expected. Shot up a lot of insulin, but didn't overdo that.

Another fitful sleep. At about 6:30 am I picked up the tablet and started watching videos, and finally put it away at about 8. Fired up the laptop, deleted most of the job hunt email because now most of what I'm getting is repeats.

LinkedIn message from ex-boss that he too is learning python, and he pointed me at a very feature-packed editor and a tutorial on Youtube.

Went to the continent for breakfast again, English muffin and a banana. Now I have two bananas in the fridge.

Thanks to last night's going out without a jacket, I have the start of a cold. It was difficult to breathe when I first got out of bed. I figured a walk on the beach promenade would help. It did.

This time I took the Nikon, and made an effort to shoot the same scenes from 2014.  One of the thing with the rocks is they placed huge boulders right up against the promenade wall, on the sea side. The boulders go about 5 feet from the wall before giving way to the rocks. Those boulders are just tossed in there, lots of gas in between, and have been taken over by squirrels. Despite the signs every 3 feet forbidding feeding the wildlife, people have been feeding them, and many are way fat. Some of them pose for the camera, begging.

I took my time, and walked all the way to the end of the fairgrounds, and into the swap meet. It is much reduced from 2014, and they staged it behind the casino instead of in the huge parking lot in front. Still pretty formidable. There was an antique silver trumpet I would have bought had I not been already over-packed. I did buy a pamphlet of Scandinavian jokes for my Poulsbo sister.

Back to the hotel, dropped off the camera and headed out again just as housekeeping was knocking on the door. Walked the block to the bus stop, and saw they have reduced the run to every hour (it was every half hour). I had my 60 cents senior fare ready (I looked it up on their web site yesterday), but the sign on the cash box said 75. Luckily, I had more quarters in my pocket. There was a text address to find out when the next bus was due, and it said 10 after the hour. So 15 minutes to wait in the sun.

Got to the mall in 10 minutes, walked past a HUGE Target, because I wanted to explore first. Had a manicure. Very friendly shop, three of the women proposed to me. A couple of the customers were lookers too.

Had a small philly cheesesteak in the upstairs food court, saw some items in Hot Topic I want, but I can get that at home.

Target, main things to buy were Dayquil/Nyquil generic and sugar free cough drops, and aloe. Got aloe Solarcane for my sunburned face. Also checked out the Samsung 7" tablet, would have bought one but they were out of stock. I can get that at home too, but the nexus is becoming more unreliable, maybe because I dropped it too often, and it takes a few days for all my apps to load on a new android device.

Back to the bus station, 30 minutes too soon. The bus arrived 20 minutes early, and he let us onboard which was great because the wind was whipping up around 30 mph plus gusts. Took 2 Dayquil while I waited.

Back to the hotel, slathered on some aloe, popped open the cough drops, and used the coffee maker to boil water and had a couple of cups of tea.

More online stuff, mostly FB.

Went for dinner at the diner attached to the hotel. I ate there once in 2014, and remembered it as decent. And it was. The $16 steak and shrimp plate had more stuff on it than I could finish, but I still had a small sundae for dessert.

As I was eating the wind was blowing at what sounded like 50 mph. It calmed down for a few minutes as i walked back to the room, but it's back at it again.

All the while I was on the promenade I kept thinking of cutting this trip short. Going home tomorrow. I know there are enough seats on both trains. I was expecting a sandy beach and 70's but got rocks and 60's in the day and 40's at night and lots of wind. But I decided to stick it out. Especially with this cold threatening.

Plans for tomorrow:
No breakfast
Job hunt email
Play with Python on the new user interface
Drink more tea
Hang out by the pool

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