Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Rare early post

Because I wanted to do this hours ago, but was not feeling well enough.

At about 2 am I got up to pee and as soon as I got out of the bed I started shaking violently. It felt like I was naked in the arctic instead of naked in southern California. There are two reasons this happens to me, one is if I am having a major low blood sugar episode, the other is from sunburn.

After returning from the loo I self-medicated with mint oreos, after getting back under the covers. Being under the covers made the shakes go away, which told me it was a sunburn thing. Got up again, took a reading, 145, which is a wee bit high. Slathered my face and arms with Solarcaine. That felt good. I had done my face twice yesterday but completely forgot about my arms because they are tan enough to hide the red.

I've been wearing shorts, but my legs seem to be unaffected.

woke up several times, finally for good at 9:30. Was feeling the effects of yesterday's cold, took Dayquil, sucked on cough drops, made tea. Did not go to breakfast because I had two small bananas in the fridge.

Brain like a steel colander, I put my tablet and insulin pen in the knapsack, along with a bottle of water, and walked over the overpass to the pier, hoping the sea air would help.

It didn't.

It was blowing hard and cold and way too many people were ignoring the no-smoking signs. And the butt receptacles which are every 5 feet along the promenade. In the days I have been here I have seen zero security or police on the beachfront. Today was "let me show you my pit bull" day.

I did not walk far, and only stayed half an hour. Back to the hotel, tried to relax by the pool, but was feeling too sick. Back to bed, slept well till 4.

walked a couple of  blocks to the liquor store, bought some instant noodles, cutlery, kippers, slimjims and a big diet Coke. They had a lot of junk food, but no frozen dinners (the hotel room has a fridge and microwave).

Tried to change my Amtrak reservations to tomorrow, but they wanted $33 more. I would already be losing a night's hotel fare.

Between y cold and the weather, I may be in the room all tomorrow. :-(

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