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Last night's fever created a vivid delirium. I dreamed that I was on the computer and saw that the last time I was in Ventura I also had a bad sunburn and cold, and it was all written up in LJ. Photos included.

At about 4 am, I got up and popped a pair of migraine pills, fired up the laptop, and read what I'd written on LJ in October 2014. I had a mild sunburn but nothing else. Looked at my photos on Flickr, nothing new.

Went back to sleep not amused.

Woke up a few more times, finally up and dressed at about 9, switched from cutoffs to long jeans and a t-shirt. No Hawaiian shirt on top.

Got an english muffin toasted and buttered, a banana, and a few teabags from the breakfast nook.

Caught the bus to Target, phone call while I was waiting from an Indian in NY whom I couldn't understand. I told him to email me. He sent a job title, no description. I asked for more. He kept calling, I kept telling him email. Looks like the position needs python, so bye bye.

While In Target. there was one item I needed from upstairs, and since I usually break the cart escalator, I took the elevator. It got to the 2nd floor and the doors jammed about 2" open. They would not close or open all the way, so I used the alarm button and the call button. All the staff from the section came to help, and they called for the maintenance guy. One of the staff brute forced the doors open one layer at a time, which freed me. All the maintenance guy did was put a yellow "out of service" divider in front of the elevator.  At no time did i feel threatened by predators.

Got what I was looking for, left the cart upstairs, took the escalator down and grabbed another cart. Bought cup of soups (chicken) instant mac & cheese, kippered snacks, a 6-pack of diet coke (I'll leave half behind) and some mint teabags.

While I was in the food aisle, got a call from a woman recruiting a senior support person for a Palo Alto company. I couldn't get a word in edgewise, she was trying so hard to sell me on the company. I told her to go ahead and submit my name.

I was like a zombie, did not want to walk way to the other side of the mall for the ATM, waited for the bus instead for half an hour.

Back to the hotel, made tea & mac&cheese. Took a nap. Looked up the company the woman was selling, and it is definitely not me. bill.com. While I was looking at that, Amazon Lab126 recruiter called again, she is going to see on Monday how glued to wanting a Python programmer the hiring manager is.

Turned on the TV, had the NFL draft on in the background, and when the Seahawks came up, one of their star players was there and handed the presentation to Andrew, a 13-year-old, who was given a long loud standing ovation. The star said something about Andrew being treated for cancer, after the ovation. Obviously the crowd had been given the back story, which was not shared by the ESPN motormouths who are all about hearing themselves blather.

I'm all packed except for last minute stuff. Am dreading the morning cold & hike to the train terminal.  The bus only runs once an hour, taxis are not reliable.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pacific Surfliner to Santa Barbara
Coast Starlight to San Jose
Be ignored by Spook after she whines and gets treats.


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