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Woke up at the crack of OMG on Saturday maybe 6 times before the 7 am alarm rang. Still feeling weak and sunburned and feverish and a wee bit slow off the mark. Decided not to trust my balance in the shower, but brushed my teeth, took meds, Tested my Hgl but don't remember what it was. Finished packing, leaving behind two mac n cheese cups, a cup o noodles, three diet Cokes, and a frozen spaghetti & meatball entrée.

By the time I got to the front office I was out of breath. It was 8:30, I asked them to call a cab, and please get me to the station by 9. And she did. The cab was coming from out of town, arrived 20 minutes later. It was a junker with the cab decals peeling off, driven by a guy about my age. He did have and use a legit meter.

And he got me there by 9. I gave him $10 for a $6 ride.

The train wasn't due till 9:35, and it was cold and windy, so I'm glad I had three layers on, and my long jeans.

The trip back was fine. A tiny bit late into Santa Barbara, but still a 2-hour layover. I sat in front of and sometimes in the station, it was sunny but chilly with a breeze.

And then the train pulled in and the sleeper cars were way the hell on the other end of the platform. As I limped with my two bags toward my car (the last one possible) I saw the signs which had been there all along - the signs were side-on to the station, you could not read them unless you were in front of them. Unlike San Jose, there was no staffer to point people in the right direction beforehand.

Upstairs to my room, I was out of breath for about 5 minutes.

Eventually I got out my camera, and snapped photos in between nodding off. Fell asleep and missed the Vandenberg SpaceX building. Pissed me off because even though I got a photo on the way up, the lighting is way better in the morning.

They had made a 1 pm lunch reservation for me, but I said no, I didn't want to share my cold. The attendant offered to bring me a meal, showed me the menu, but I just didn't feel like eating.

I also skipped dinner.

I thought I had enough snacks, and I did sort of (lots of walnuts) but the kippered snacks I had bought at the liquor store were not looking edible. I did have diet cokes, though.

Unlike the trip south, this one's attendant was doing her job, and had juice nd apples and oranges handy, but I was not feeling like eating.

Basically, I just relaxed, snapped pictures and enjoyed not being in Ventura.

Somewhere around Salinas we were slowed to a crawl and then a series of stops in farmland which had no crossroads and we should have been doing 90 mph. No explanation was given. A couple of times before we were stopped for 5 minutes because we were early, and a train needed to pass. This time by the time we got back up to speed we were half an hour late.

The last half hour into San Jose we were at 90mph, even though there were lots of crossings and urban sprawl. Go figure.

We arrived half an hour late. I didn't care, I had my car in the lot.

After a day of sitting, I was able to walk slowly to the parking lot, still feeling miserable but not dead yet.

Home, Spook did her usual thing of being at the door until I opened it, and then walking away.

Lots of stuff in the mailbox. Rent bill and HOA newsletter in the park slot.

Little by little got unpacked and fed and online and drugged and to bed.

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