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Last night was nasty with a side of nice. Still feverish with bouts of shaking chills, I put on a T-shirt and was surprised when I woke up a couple of hours later soaked through, also soaked was the pillow and the stuffed cat. As I set the stuffed cat aside, Spook curled up next to me, and head-butted my hand to be petted.

She seemed to be jealous of stuffed cat. Or not - when I came home, one of Spook's toys was sitting in front o stuffed cat, as if she wanted to play.

Spook stayed on the bed all night, and through the morning, as I showered and went online and dressed.

The reason I had dressed is rent was due, as was the HOA dues, I had printed checks last night.

Had dome chicken soup for breakfast, delivered the checks, home, undressed, put on a bathrobe and parked in the recliner top catch up on a lot of Tivo.

Tivo, by the way, was bought by Rovi, and I fear I may need to start looking for another DVR provider. Later.

My lungs are better, still coughing a little but dry coughs. Took migraine Tylenol and my fever went down.

Dressed again at about 7 pm, took out the garbage & recycle, plugged in the car, watered the gardens and sat outside watching it dusk.

Went through the pile of mail. There were only two things which were not junk. Kaiser issuing me a new card, which appears to be the same as the last new one. And a survey from Kaiser about my health which I do not plan on filling out. Just one more piece of over-65 BS.

Which reminds me. In Ventura, the first day I took the bus, the drivers both directions accepted my 75¢ senior fare without question. The second day, both drivers asked for proof, and both recognized and accepted my Medicare card.

Did some Facebooking, put a booklet into an envelope and slapped my younger sister's address on it and stamped it. Need to email her that it's en route.

Not enough chicken soup defrosted for dinner, so I heated up some baked dim sum buns and added duck and water and bullion to what chicken soup was left. That made for a good meal.

Spook sprawled on the rug in front of me and appears to still be there hours later.

Chocolate donettes for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on how I feel in the morning
Maybe process the trip photos
Maybe meet Janice for coffee
Maybe there will be a call from Amazon's recruiter, probably telling me no thanks.

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