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Weird Dream

Because I'm not sure if I have the stamina to finish this in the hour I have.

But to start:

This was a dream in 3 acts. In between each act I woke up, the first time craving chocolate milk, the next two times the usual middle of the night pee breaks.

Act I
I am passing by some kind of event on campus. No idea what campus, but it had a green lawn, and on the lawn were about 40-50 people all dressed in the same coverall, in aqua (imagine a NASA astronaut's jump suit only in Little Mermaid color). Each had a medium sized backpack on, also aqua but with darker green straps. They were milling around, chatting with each other.

This was a lucid dream, I consciously took myself to one of the chatting groups and asked what was going on, and if I could join.

As a tall blonde woman was about to give a friendly answer, I woke up.

Act II
Same place, but this time there are more than twice as many aquas, and there is a hedgerow about knee-high in between me and them with no obvious way to cross over. I no longer have any control of this dream.

As I watch, another group, these in light brown gear, have formed an elliptical throng back beyond the aquas. They also seem older, but other than that I can't tell if there is any significant difference.

I spend a lot of time passively watching, they spend a lot of time mostly staying put, but still chatting and milling around a little.

Not the same place. Kind of a hint of Dante's Inferno or a Soylent Green factory.  There are now hundreds of them, darker green has been added as well as darker brown. There is chaos and here and there a wimper of panic.

I am handed a coverall and backpack, and sent to a part of a field where people in coveralls are helping us get naked and into the coveralls and backpack. There is a sense of urgency, but no sense of purpose. No one is talking to me, but there is a lot of indistinct conversation in the background.  

There is a blood red shadow passing over my group. Someone, still naked, bolts and screams.

And I wake up.
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