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Monday, Easy Day

Slept in. Put on a bathrobe and did all my usual morning stuff. Went outside in bathrobe & Birks at about 11 to bring in the garbage bin & put an envelope in the mailbox.

Watched some NFL draft follow-up TV.

Finished two loads of laundry.

Tried the Friskies "Cat Fishing" app on the tablet, but Spook was scared of it. FAIL.

Hot dogs & corn on the cob for lunch. Mango popsicle for dessert.

Recycle truck had not arrived at its usual 2 pm.

Got dressed at 4. Recycle bin still full. Drove to MV and chatted with Janice till about 7.

Home, recycle bin was empty, wheeled it back in place.

Mac & 3 cheeses for dinner.

Fudge mint cookies for dessert.

In the mail was a confusing bill from Kaiser which said I was not charged for anything. It did not show the co-pays. Kaiser still has not corrected the overcharge.

No word from Amazon. Two phone calls from India went to voicemail but no voicemail was left. Answered one live, Indian asshole didn't get it that "developer" means "programmer". Hung up on him, blocked his number.

Plans for tomorrow:


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May. 3rd, 2016 04:36 am (UTC)
Nothing against your cat in particular, but when people describe cat behavior it generally reminds me a lot of some of the people I used to read about in Ann Rule's true crime books. Cats, I think, tend to lack empathy.

Very often the relationship of cat to owner reminds me of Peanuts, with the cat as Lucy pulling the football away, and the owner as Charlie Brown naively trusting Lucy every single time.

Let me know if I'm wrong.
May. 3rd, 2016 05:27 am (UTC)
In about 40 years of owning cats, my experience is you are mostly wrong. Most of my cats have picked up on my moods, and on my state of health. Spook is a rare exception, She had a tough beginning, a litter at 6 months old, lost half her babies, placed in an abusive foster home and then into a cage in a shelter surrounded by bullying cats. She is afraid of people, and gets confused when I pet her because her foster home people slapped her - she doesn't know whether to trust or fear my hand.

Most of my cats would jump into my lap as soon as I sat down, and liked the be petted. A couple have preferred to be just out of reach, but always in view. Most of my cats would curl up in bed with me when I was sick. Spook did that for the first time Saturday night, but now that I am not dead yet, she is back to being a little stand-offish.

I don't see cats pulling the football away like Lucy. Usually they will play catch, but don't be surprised if they get bored and walk away, or if they decide they want to keep the ball.
May. 3rd, 2016 10:38 am (UTC)
What kind of foster slaps a cat? How did they know they did it? I really admire you for keeping Spook. It would probably traumatize her horribly to have to rehome her again.

My last greyhound, Honey, I think might have been treated badly by a trainer. (It really is a tough life at the track, but not in the trainers advantage to mistreat their dogs, so I am not sure what happened.) She is the first grey out of 4 that would not tolerate being in the same room with us at first. She has made a complete turn around now, but it took more than a year to earn her trust. I actually got her 2 hours off the track, and none of mine have been fostered until I got them. 2 were failed fosters. I could not give them up. Honey I just went ahead and adopted when my Bebe died.

Edited at 2016-05-03 10:40 am (UTC)
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