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Scenic (NOT!) Tukwila

Got on the freeway at 4, forgetting (a) it's Monday and (b) Seattle's Wall ' o ' Traffic. Better than waiting till 4:30 or 5, though. Pulled off at Tukwila, which has lower than airport gas prices, to fill up the rental car. But something was wrong with the pump - down 1/4 it should have taken more than a gallon.

Anyhow, as I was about to head back to the freeway, noticed a new Starbucks, and since it's more pleasant being online here than in the airport, that's where I am now.

It was a mixed weekend. Friday night and Saturday with my sister and her hubby was excellent. I watched and photographed her doing her Horse Whisperer thing, and taking riding lessons. Then we went up to the 37.6 acres they just bought on the Olympic Peninsula, it's half forest and half logged. They are starting to clear out the brambles, and will eventually build their house there.

Spent Saturday night at a Ramada by the airport, mostly so I'd be close to the ancestral manse, and partly to have good food for dinner and an internet connection. Ate at Bai Tong, a fine Thai place just north of the hotel. I've been there a couple of times before, the food has always been good.

Sunday morning I showed up at the folks' place at about 10 am, which surprised them, they expected me later. But I'm glad I got there early because it meant I got to go pick up my aunt & uncle, who flew in from NYC. The less Dad drives, the better.

I'm not going to mention anything else about the day except when aunt, uncle, sister, brother-in-law, Mom and Dad were all gathered, I gave Mom her dolphin sapphire ring, and she loved it, and everyone was muchly impressed. It looks great on her. And it was wonderful beyond words to be there with Mom and her little sister and my little sister.

The weather is fantastic. Sunny and 70's Saturday and yesterday, hazy and 80's today.

Today was a vacation day - I stayed home so the parental units could get to their exercise class in time to be on TV (the local PBS station was doing a special on the class today), and waited about 15 minutes for Meals on Wheels to arrive. And also went online and renewed reservations on a couple of Mom's library books which were due today. They had stuff to do all day, so I took off at about 11 and toured some of the old haunts. South Seattle is pretty shabby compared to 20 years ago, with some pockets of gentrification.

Went to Rick's in Lake City and spent two hours enjoying the show. Met someone who may visit me in July on her trip to SF. 

So there you have it. Back to San Jose at about 10pm, work tomorrow. Where I will hit the new SE upside the head for ignoring my email and extended absence greeting and leaving unwanted voicemail on my cell phone Friday night.


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