Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Pretended It Was The 7th Day

and rested. Mostly.

It was a lousy night.  Took a long time to fall asleep, and when I did it was not for long, and the sheets were soaked. Sadly, the new huggable toy to replace the bear doesn't absorb. At about 3:30 I grabbed a bath towel from the closet and threw is across the pillows. That helped.

Somewhere in there I also was having trouble taking deep breaths, so I got up and made a couple of cups of mint tea (I have a big bag of leaves dried from the garden). Added a little honey. Sat in the recliner and watched Spook tear up and down the hallway, and try to burrow under a carpet runner and between the throw and the sofa. She was very vocal.

Back to bed, after Nyquil. Up in a couple of hours with raging headache, took two Tylenol. Barely helped. Normally I would have called the advice nurse and maybe gotten an appointment or drugs or something, but I was expecting a recruiter call at 10 from a company I really would like to work for.

Breakfast was banana and strawberries, and a fruit popsicle.

Not much online to respond to. Did a lot of sitting in the recliner with my eyes closed. Watched some TV.

Lunch was chicken soup. No phone call, no email. Argh. On the porch for a while to admire the roses - red ones finally blooming.

Delivered was the insulin pens, in a big inflated-looking package - they put the envelope with the boxes of pens on a thick piece of foam, with two cold packs on each side and fold it in half, and seal that closed. It could probably make a safe Mars landing.

I forgot yesterday's delivery. Samsung 7" tablet meant to replace the Nexus 7, which is starting to fail. But while setting it up, a careless swipe sent the screen nto dark mode, and turned on the slow and annoying speak-it widget meant to prompt blind users. It took half an hour to get the display on again and find the "off" button for the accessible mode. And I needed to go to a hacker site online to find how to do a factory reset (because before Darkness, I had signed into my Google account).  It's going back. To add to the disappointment, it doesn't do the high speed wi-fi the ad said it did.

There does not seem to be a comparable replacement for the Nexus 7, which is out of production. NVidia has a tablet which might do, but they are out of stock until at least tomorrow.

Dinner was had while playing an episode of Elementary, which is giving the Father a bigger and bigger role. And the actor playing him appears to be ill. He looks much older than he did at the start of the season. John Noble, not much on him online except he was at a wondercon in 2012 looking 15 years younger. I suppose it could be makeup for the TV show, but somehow I doubt it. Anyhw, fish fillets and clam strips for din-din.

Over the course of the day I processed the vacation photos. Here are some

On the trip down https://www.flickr.com/photos/how3ird/albums/72157665581667314

Ventura's rocky beach https://www.flickr.com/photos/how3ird/albums/72157667885855466

Thinking of zyzyly, I also found a portal and captured it.

There were dozens of them on the map, but they were farther apart than they looked. One showed up on my way back, but I didn't have the resources to grab it. 

The trip back  https://www.flickr.com/photos/how3ird/albums/72157667886459016/page1

Plans for tomorrow
Get an RMA for the tablet
Call advice nurse (recruiter punted the call till Friday)
Maybe a Costco run

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