Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Rested Development

Kaiser's web site suggested that for colds & such, a call to the advice nurse was preferable to a doctor's appointment, so this morning first thing I called for advice, and scored. The nurse was very thorough getting the symptoms, drugs so far, prescriptions, and verified I was not nursing or planning to get pregnant. He was able to have a doctor prescribe some anti-cough pills, and he said I should also pick up dome Flonase which is OTC now, and to keep taking Tylenol for the aches and pains.

The nurse told me the pills would be available in 2 hours, and I was prevented from leaving too early by a fire truck which blocked my driveway while an ambulance pulled up behind it. My 102-year-old neighbor apparently needed attention. The fire truck left after 15 minutes, the ambulance maybe another 15, I didn't see if they took Mary with them, but it did not look like it.

Around 11 I was at the Mountain View pharmacy, and told them I was there, they can make up the bottle of pills, and I also picked up a package of flonase and an in-your-ear thermometer because my forehead scan one is reading like I died an hour ago.

Walked across the street to the BofA ATM and got some Harriet Tubmans, though I have to say the portrait doesn't look at all like her.

I still needed a ladle and some sugar free cough drops (the MV pharmacy is being renovated and the cough drop section only had Riccola). There's a CVS a few blocks away, I parked there and found no ladles. But they had cough drops, and beef jerkey, and dark chocolate cashews and mild Slim Jims and chips & dip.

There's a Safeway on the way home, where I found a ladle, and a cantaloupe, and a week's worth of frozen dinners.

Home, unpacked it all, took a cough pill, shot up some flonase and sat in the recliner to watch some mindless TV. Post NFL draft blather. And I noticed that the table of four commentators was arranged in such a way that the three men were facing the camera but the woman on the end was in silhouette, being a Maidenform commercial. She said NOTHING until the end of the segment, when she turned to the camera and got the close-up shot for her 5 minutes of speed reading the latest sports news.

After half an hour the cough pill was kicking in, making me drowsy.

Was woken up by a call from a recruiter who somehow talked me into going to SSF to meet her ostensibly about a tech support job at a hearing aid company, but maybe more to add me to her rolodex. Hours later she followed up with email, it's a job I can probably do, in Menlo Park which is no more insane a commute as my last gig. I looked her up on LinkedIn, she is brand new right out of the box, with a degree from Davis in biomed, and I bet she's a recruiter because there are no jobs in biomed for non-PhDs. And by her photo, let me just say that while she may have gotten by on her brains, she was in no way harmed by her looks and smile.

My other next door neighbor Lee talked my ear off while I was on the porch, hoping to just hydrate and rock. She wants me to come play badminton Monday morning. I told her I don't know what "morning" is.

Whenever she comes around, Spook tried to climb the screen door. Lee likes to play with Spook through the window, and she is the only other human Spook is not afraid of. Spook loves to watch her gardening - cat has a good view from all the side windows.

Lunch was chicken soup, the last of the cauldron except for the two containers in the freezer. Dinner was a frozen pot roast dinner and a piece of black forest cake.

I'm still coughing, but not as much. No more headache. Fever is down.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am recruiter call about a QA job at Roku. She is in TX, Roku is near here. But she has the right email address.
1 pm visit to SSF for the hearing aid recruiter. I may wear non-jeans. And a not-Hawaiian shirt.  
Maybe a stop at Lowe's for stakes to hold up the bee's friend plants, which are dragging under the weight of the flowers. I have ties.
If it doesn't rain I need to water the gardens
I should find something to bring as a housewarming gift for Saturday.

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