Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I keep saying I'll keep it short and never do

Let's see how it goes today.

Another sweaty, multiple wake-ups night. No Spook. Had an appointment for a 10 am phone interview, and managed to be showered and dressed and breakfasted (bananas & strawberries) with 20 minutes to spare.

Excellent chat with a recruiter in Texas who works as a headhunter for a company in Los Gatos. The job is with a company I want to work for, commute is opposite traffic, but more importantly they are looking for a real streaming media expert, not a programmer. They have plenty of programmers. And this is for a "new products" group which is always my favorite. She definitely is championing me for this, and one thing which impressed me is she set me straight about what salary I should be asking for. Apparently what my last job was paying was at the bottom of what she thinks my pay scale should be. Good to know. Follow up phone interview with an engineer set for Monday afternoon.

It rained all day. Not heavy, but steady. Just enough to not want to be out driving, especially still being sick. So I emailed the recruiter I was scheduled to visit this afternoon and begged off. Penciled in for Tuesday morning. Assuming I'm back to being human Monday.

The cough pills are not working, I am still coughing, but they do make me relaxed.

Decided to keep the Samsung tablet after all, after factory reset with the 64GB SD card installed it no longer ran out of space. It's Kindle app is easier to read from than the Nexus. Best of all,the charging port is robust. I've destroyed two on Nexus 7s. It doesn't do wireless, but that's okay, and it also doesn't do the highest speed wi-fi, but plays video just fine.

Ordered a 4K Roku from Amazon, it said I would get it today, but tracking says Sunday. Liars.

At about 3 I was feeling slightly drugged, went into the guest room and sat on the futon. This is Spook's futon, she jumped up with me, but soon jumped to the window sill. I layed down, it's a queen sized futon, and even in sofa configuration is longer than I am, and has a couple of bed pillows. Very comfy, I fell asleep, and when I woke up almost 2 hours later, Spook was curled up by my feet.

Did some laundry - two sets of sheets and the quilt. I really need to find someone to re-stuff the quilt and sew up the edges. It has held up pretty well over 10 years.

Lunch was chicken soup, half from the current batch and half from last month's frozen batch.

Dinner was from frozen Thai coconut chicken. Dessert was strawberries & whipped cream with sprinkles.

Watched an episode of Graham Norton. Love that show. He's kind of a Brit Dick Cavett, with extra zip.

Watered all the plants because I won't have time in the morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plan A - if I have a good night's sleep: Up by 9, out by 10, ex-boss' housewarming on the other side of Livermore by 11.
Plan B - If I can't get out by 10, miss the monks' blessing, get there by 1 pm for lunch
Plan C - if I'm still sick, stay home.

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