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For once I resisted temptation to leave early, so left at 10 for a 45-minute drive for the housewarming at 11. But it rained, and trucks were driving while stupid, and the last 10 miles of highway was all broken and unsafe at full speed. I got there about 10 minutes late.

This should not have mattered, Thais are never on time, but apparently the monks performing the Buddhist rites had wanted to begin at 10 but got lost. Not hard to do - the house is the second to last one built in a development which is not even on most maps yet. The monks said they tried using Apple maps. Big mistake.

My GPS did not know about this street, but I knew how to get to the right freeway exit, and the host had emailed good directions from there.

I shot a lot of photos, because the host, who is usually the photographer, was stuck being a participant.

As with most Thai ceremonies, there was a lot of food being prepared. Lots of friends had shown up to lend a hand, most of them from an hour away.

The monks hung around a long time, I knew after the ceremonies they would be fed, and I expected the rest of us wouldn't start to eat till they were done, but this time things were less formal, as soon as the monks were served the buffet line was open. So much excellent home made Thai food!

At about 1:30 some of the former co-workers started showing up. I hung around till 3, as I was getting in my car, Automation Guy pulled up. He had told me he wasn't coming, his wife had to work.

One of the hits of the rites was the family cat, who is truly schizo, she is obviously scared of people, especially crowds, but she would run to the middle of the doings, and then up onto the back of the sofa the monks were sitting on, then back to the floor where she would lie down in front of her girl, then get up and run upstairs. She did this a few times.

The head monk was really friendly, he chatted with many of the folks there, and he gave an amulet on a necklace to each child.

As things were winding down, he got out the holy water and a bamboo whisk, and made sure he got everyone in the crowd a little wet. He was pretty good with that thing.

Most of the building blessings I've been too - all of them, come to think of it, the first thing the monk does is draws a kind of classic Thai pyramid on the house, usually above the door. He saved that for last. And he drew it above the welcome sign.

I believe it says :
This is a good house
Rich and glorious

I'm not too clear on the last word, though. The script is a little too stylized for me.

My favorite photo of the day:

(the girl in the photo is the host's daughter)

The drive home was even slower. My GPS detected a huge traffic jam on my preferred route, and all the AM radio stations were echoing it, but the state road which is usually the best way around that jam was even more jammed because road work had narrowed a 4-lane road into 2 lanes, and there were frequent stop lights.

Stopped at Fry's and bought some 4K capable HDMI cables, because email said Amazon had delivered the Roku after all, and another stop at Lowe's for garden stakes.

I replaced one of the not-high-speed cables with a new one, and set up the Roku with another. The setup was more complicated than it needed to be, but the 4K video looked good. Maybe not as good as the Amazon Fire's. Better than the Tivo, which is upscaling to 4k, not using native ultra HD. I thought the Roku would allow me to watch TV shows and let me do away with Comcast for that, but every time I tuned in, they wanted $$. The only exception was a small offering of news clips, most of which were not interesting to me.

So I watched a couple of Tivo recordings while I had lasagna. Dessert was the last of the whipped cream, with a banana and some strawberries. Need to cut up that cantaloupe tonight.

Still coughing, even with a pill. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
If it isn't raining too hard, stake the bee's friend plants & the peas. Maybe transplant more peas into the container outside.
Coffee w/Janice
Play with the Roku some more

The end of the block looks like the end of the world.


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