Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Should Have Trusted My Instincts

Told the GPS to guide me to the recruiter's office on Oyster Point. When we got to Oyster Pt. Way, it said keep going a couple of exits to 3rd. My instincts said no, you can't get there fro there, but I followed the GPS. 15 minutes before I was due at Oyster Pt., the GPS told me it was done guiding me. To Hunter Point. Fortunately it did not take long to find 101 again and take the right exit, and I actually arrived on time, but when the GPS said it was done I phoned the recruiter to say I'd be there in half an hour.

This was ostensibly for a customer support job at a hearing aid company, something I could do, but probably would hate after a while. We bnoth knew that coming in, and my main reason for being there was to give her enough details and show her I'm the brilliant communicator that I am so she can poke around for jobs which would be a better match. The fact that she found a job which I was qualified to do was a big plus. And it turns out I was right, she's the biomed jobs recruiter. Also in the meeting was a new staffer who does consumer devices. The hearing aid is both. In other news, she isn't as stunning in person as her LinkedIn photo, but she is easy to look at.

After the interview I took some time to sit on a tree stump overlooking Oyster Point's two marinas. It was lunchtime, walkers and joggers went by on the path.

Next stop was San Mateo, the downtown Starbucks, where I ate a sandwich and a croissant and had some iced tea. Fired up the laptop but not for long, just enough to check email and FB.

Home, the mail was all junk. Noticed weeds in the driveway cracks, will get the Roundup out tomorrow.

Watched some Tivo and Roku, re-checked email on the big PC, noted that the Indian Recruiter de Jour voicemail was from the same company about the same job I had email about, but a different lower-level rep. Deleted that.

Sent Ms. Biomed email thanking her for the interview, and giving her a link to a biomed candidate I had met at the horribly career networking session 2 months ago. Irony time - none of the people in the session have been any use to me, but I have given two leads now to laid off biomed folks. I feel like a Pawn Of Fate®. But I also sincerely hope it helps Roopi find a job. If I was a hiring manager in her field, I'd hire her.

Took a nap. Slept till 4, woke up completely disoriented, thought it was 4 am. Spook was on the bed two or three times while I was trying to sleep, but she was curled up on the other side of the house on a cat tree in the sun when I awoke.

Ate two bowls of chicken soup with a popsicle chaser.

Dinner time, I noshed on salami & cheddar. And chocolate covered cashews.

I had been marinating ginger slices in a SodaStream bottle, filled it with water, charged it carefully because those things will foam if you carbonate anything except water. It looked like I had succeeded until I removed the bottle from the charger, when it sprayed all over the place in a huge explosion. After mopping up, I charged some water, poured that into the ginger bottle, and added ginger ale syrup. That worked.

I am feeling better. The fever is almost gone, I didn't sweat at all last night or napping. The cough is still there but responds to Robitussin.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Spray the weeds

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