Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Thought I was Well Enough

Today I did the whole to-do list. Sprayed the weeds which the recent rains have allowed to come up through the cracks in the driveway and the edges of the gardens. It took forever to get next door neighbor to stop bending my ear about her dog and her husband.

Manicure at the local place, she does good work, in less time than most, but is more expensive.
Haircut - Great Clips has a new hair stylist, skinny dude with oily dreads who will not be cutting my hair again. No finesse, and ham handed. Almost cut my ears.
Car wash
Resisted the temptation to go across the street for a massage because $$
Costco, bought all the things. $240. Well, not all the things. Only bought one package of stuffed cabbage, did not buy any candy or cookies, or pistachios.
Home, putting everything away was a major chore, and eventually the truth hit that I was still not 100%. Took a nap.

Dinner was lasagna and garlic bread from Costco. Dessert was the last of the strawberries, some cut up cantaloupe and walnuts.

One of the things from Costco which I had been prepared to go to Lucky or Safeway for was popsicles. But Costco had 24-packs of two types. The Mexican ones I love the best (coconut, mango, etc) for $10 and some new brand with more mundane flavors on sale for $7. So I got both.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe the Nvidia tablet will arrive. If it does, I will look into returning the Samsung, which is too slow and unresponsive to touch. It also has the charger connection on top, which is lame.
Chicken soup

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