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I was expecting the NVidia tablet to arrive today, I'd paid for 2-day delivery, but instead they took 2 days to get it to Fedex, and I won't see it till Monday. Meanwhile, I wiped the Samsung tablet again, boxed it up and am sending it back tomorrow. The Nexus has been fired up again, just enough to be my eReader.

I'm giving Robitussin DM PM credit for helping me sleep soundly, with a series of connected almost lucid dreams. I shouted at the characters in the dream, but they mostly did what they were going to do anyway. I remember no details except what looked like ice cream salesperson uniforms, or maybe they were airmen.

At 7:30 the lights came on and the radio alarm did too but after a quick pit stop I went back to sleep. At about 9 Spook was beside the bed yelling at me. I rolled over and slept till 10. Or maybe 11.

Very boring day. Banana for breakfast, very slim pickings on the job boards, nothing to apply for. The fact that Amazon & Roku have not contacted me probably means I'm not getting those.

I was inside all day except for a very brief trip to the mailbox (junk) and to unplug the car, replace the garbage bag which the car wash people always throw out, and refill the water bottles. One is in the car, the other in the fridge.

Chicken soup for lunch. Added a slice of garlic bread. Yummy. Took the last container of soup out of the freezer to defrost.

Watched some news on Roku. ABC is only streaming very short times, only live, and horrible SD quality. CBS upconverts to ultra HD and has a large collection of items each morning, streamable all day. NBC I forgot. Fox News is the national brain-dead conservatives feed, not the local KTVU news, which is actually pretty liberal.

Reheated lasagna for dinner, Spook stared at me as I ate, but I know she has no interest in me giving her any.

Charged up the RC car, played with it with Spook till the battery ran out.

Fell asleep around 3 pm in the recliner.

Went out on the porch for long enough to finish a glass of OJ and some peanuts. Saw two scraggly female hummers at the feeders. Not many bees in the hood today. The wind was from all directions at about 15 mph.

There was a phone call at 10 am, from a shill for a recruiting company. After a few hours I answered her email with a resume, but I don't expect anything to come of it. The only other call was at 7 pm or so, from one of the blocked Indian recruiting numbers.

Plowing through The Nightingale, which is not the page turner the person who recommended it said. And it's all about WWII scary Nazis, which is a genre I try to stay away from, having been bludgeoned with it since birth.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the RMA at UPS
Maybe hang out at a coffee shop
Take it easy
Make another batch of chicken soup.


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