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Bored, the sequel

Woke up at 4 am with Spook splayed across the foot of the bed. That was a surprise. I slept okay, but there was some sweating despite having cracked open the bedroom windows (the place was starting to feel musty). I don't like to keep the windows open even though they have a stop at about 3", because the back of the house is wide open, the only quasi security is a bright light which will come on if motion is detected on the carport side, but from the other side there's nothing. Well, maybe the neighbor's dog will bark, but he barks all the time.

Back to bed, Spook was still there when the alarm went off at 7:30. I turned off the radio & lights and went back to sleep. When I woke up, cat was gone.

I had taken Robitussin PM, and it left me groggy all day. Or maybe it was that and the cold. This cold has sapped a lot of my stamina.

Since I was down to the last of the chicken soup, the plan was to take the RMA to UPS then stop at Safeway or Lucky's for a few soup items I was out of, or was down to my last of. One thing about chicken soup as medicine, I like to always have makings on hand so when I am really ill I don't have to leave the house to make it. Before leaving the house, on very low heat I put a lot of water, two packages of chicken thighs, sliced half a huge parsnip and a big carrot, a package of hearts & gizzards, an onion, a garlic cluster, chicken bullion.

The list:
Green peas

As it turns out, UPS is in the same mini mall as the best produce stand in Sunnyvale, so I went there. What I got:
Carrots (to freeze)
Parsnip (to freeze)
Sugar snap peas
and it took me forever to find, because here were two burly men stocking produce blocking the area: mushrooms

Home, spent half an hour shelling the peas. Sliced the leek and mushrooms, and dumped all that in the pot. Added 1/4 cup of barley. That's going to cook slowly overnight.

Had chicken soup from the previous batch for lunch, nibbled on some things with chocolate, had a popsicle or two.

There was one recruiter email which looked promising, except it's from some Indian. There was another message from a different Indian which said phishing all over it, blocked it.

Someone had called at 8:35 am, I was asleep, I said I was not looking for work. That shut him up.

Still no word from Roku, so I'm sure that's a non-starter. A pity. If I don't hear by Tuesday I'll probably send the Roku box back.

Dinner was swedish meatballs followed by Asian beef micro-meals. And a mango popsicle. While watching Ancient Aliens, today's theory being there is an alien city under the ice in Antarctica.

Watched the latest Elementary and am still miffed that they have vastly expanded Dad's part. In the original, Holmes' only family is his brother. And it looks like they will be crossing the line and making Sherlock and Joan a romantic couple.

One of my child theater friends, who now has a child of her own, posted an anecdote where 16-year-old her was alone in her room with her 18-year-old boyfriend, when her dad entered, announced "she's a virgin!" and left. Apparently that kept her a virgin, at least for a while. She suggested that maybe Jewish girls were not as fun.

It reminded me that my older sister, suspicious I might be gay**, set me up on a date with an older woman for my 19th birthday. It was someone we knew from Israeli dancing. I didn't really know her, I'd seen her from 10 feet away and she looked okay. I took her to dinner, then she suggested we park at Green Lake, and very soon we were at her apartment, doing it. It was my first time, I had no idea what I was doing, but she seemed to be enjoying it. After, when she returned from the bathroom, she said I must have done this a lot, because I seemed bored. On the contrary, I was fascinated at all the various noises she was making.  which was to not come until she had come three times.

We saw each other a few times over the next month, but then she stopped answering my calls, and when I brought flowers to her apartment, someone was in there with her. Turns out she was engaged to someone in Israel, and he was back.

**I did not let my famly know about my high school girlfriend because she wasn't Jewish. And the couple of girls Mom had brought home for me to meet were airheads.

I told next door neighbor I was going to cut back the roses (some of the plants are as tall as I am) but she said no, let them grow and cut them back in the winter. She wasn't sure how to harvest seeds from the bee's friend plants, so I looked it up - have to wait till the flowers die and then snip the heads off, keep them in a plastic bag till they pop out, then transfer them to an envelope. Or a jar.

Got email from the NOVA job center saying they have had to reduce classes and counseling because of budget cutbacks. There's irony for you.

At dusk I went out and watered all the plants, harvested two tomatoes and a handful of mint which had invaded the neighbor's yard.

Plans for tomorrow:
More rest.
I may need to buy more containers for the soup. The batch on the stove is mostly for future needs.
Maybe finish The Nightingale

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