Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

My Saturday Routine

1. I change pants. I mostly wear jeans, and Levi's officially suggests never washing them. I wear them for a week, then change. This week I'm wearing cut-off jeans.
2. I water all the indoor plants. A year ago this took maybe 5 minutes and 2 small watering cans. Today it's 15 minutes and 4 or 5 refills. I will be transplanting a lot of those outside, maybe tomorrow. And throwing away at least three basket cases.

Spook spent a lot of last night as camocat, guarding the back of the house. The window is now open a few inches, and there's a blackout curtain in front of it.

I slept well, except for the nightmares. I finished The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah at about 1 am, the last several chapters being major page turners. I should have deleted the book from my ereader when it was obvious it was about the atrocities inflicted by the Nazis in WWII. But it is set in France, which lulled me into a false sense of security. Another hook is it begins with an old lady in America in 1995 finding long hidden French identity papers, and then segues to pre-war Paris.

The story is far more violent than it needed to be. The ending is needlessly cruel, after a hopeful penultimate chapter.

I would recommend the book only to masochists. There is a strong feminist theme, but we have long known that WWII was rife with Brave Women™.  If you insist on a recommendation of a WWII horror book from a woman's perspective, I give you Alicia: My Story by my friend Alicia Appleman (her son Dan was a long time BBS friend). Her book is fact, Hannah's is fiction.

Slept in till 10. Did my usual morning stuff, then my Saturday routine, and then headed for Target which said online that they had the Rubbermaid storage containers on sale which I like best for freezing. It took a while to find them, but when I did the dilemma was whether to spend $20 on a set of 18 assorted containers of which half were sizes I did not need, or buy two 3-packs for $10 each of the right sizes. Just as I was about to choose the latter, I saw lighter weight, but still freezer/reheatable containers of the right size, 8 for $5. I bought two sets of those.

Took the goodies to the car, then back to the in-store Starbucks to read, people-watch, and slurp a mocha. The new book is book 1 of the autobiography of U.S. Grant. Despite his rough reputation, all the reviews I have read of his books say he was one of the most articulate Presidential writers ever. After two chapters I'm inclined to believe it. It's an easier read than Profiles in Courage or Dreams of My Father. And he starts with a major claim of Americanism - he can place his first Americas ancestor Grant as landing in 1630.

As I was reading I remembered I needed sharpies and sun-resistant Velcro. The Fastrack unit's Velcro keeps melting off the windshield when it gets a lot of sun. They had sharpies, but all the velcro-like fasteners had warnings that above 100° sunlight could damage them.

Before leaving I used the restroom. One single-user unit is labeled as unisex, but they have retained the Men and Women labels for the main restrooms. Nobody was checking genitals or peeking under stalls.
Next stop, Home Depot, where the wi-fi was so bad it couldn't launch the app, and they hide the Velcro-like objects in a maze. But they did have Scotch's "extreme" fasteners, no sunlight warning, and 3x the gripping power of Velcro. Also on the shopping list was 3 cubic feet of garden soil for behind the bees friends, and on impulse I bought a pair of blue flowering salvia plants to put there, since the ones by the carport attract hummingbirds and are thriving.

Home, I unloaded the Target stuff, which included chips and dip and bacon bits. Decompressed with that in front of the TV.

Back outside, sat on the porch for a while, not a lot of hummingbird or bee activity. Inside, watched more Tivo till it was almost dusk.

Loaded the very heavy 3 cu' bag of dirt onto a dolly and wheeled it to the front. Chatted with Lee while I slit the bag open and emptied the contents onto a 4' square behind the bees friend plants. Got the rake & shovel out of the shed and the two salvia plants, and planted them. Pulled some of the bees friend seed pods off, and scattered seeds around, then watered it all. Harvested three more cherry tomatoes.

Back inside, took the new containers out of the dishwasher, filled 6 of them with the new batch of soup and loaded those in the freezer. Heated some of the recently defrosted soup for dinner.

Took tylenol & robitussin, but I'm still coughing. This is getting old.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe hang out at Peet's/Specialty's.

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