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Eye R Beat

I shouldn't be, it was not a very stressful day. But the cough continues, and so does the lack of stamina.

Last night there were some weird dreams. The one I remember is the last one, I was at the community center where seamstresses sometimes hang out, and I was asking the four women there for advice on how to sew a new edge cloth onto my quilt. This is IRL a fantastic quilt my youngest sister made, but over the course of 11 years the faux satin cloth which was sewn on around the edge has frayed and fallen off, and some of the batting is starting to come out. The quilt needs some serious repair. The were telling me I could do it myself. I have a sewing machine, and the table in my office could be a sewing table. One woman had super-blue eyes, and looked too young for this 55+ community. After I woke up I realized it was the face of one of the women on The Talk. Sarah Gilbert, whom I see has non-blue eyes IRL

DIY is a show stopper for me with the sewing machine because I can never figure out how to load the bobbin. And the quilt needs orange thread. And I have no idea how to buy a strip of cloth which will fit around a queen sized quilt.

I forget the other dreams but remember I woke up talking to the characters in them.
Spook is now parking herself overnight behind the blackout curtain nearest the night table, and has an annoying habit of dropping heavily to the ground and coming up next to the bed by my head.
After my morning routine, I "needed" minced or chopped clams for the rest of the dip for the remaining half bag of chips. Also wanted two more soup bowls and a tea pot to boil water in. Common denominator store was New Yuen, the local Asian market. I found all that, also got more garlic and an infuser tea cup.

Home, defrosted the clams, chopped some up, added them to the dip, poured some orange soda and munched on chips till they became too small to dip. Fired up the Roku and watched some news, and some NASA Edge - there was only one podcast, and the Roku kept losing the audio. I know it was the Roku because if I reversed and played the section again, I got audio, until it cut out again in a different spot.

If I don't hear from the hiring manager tomorrow, the Roku is going back to Amazon. There is no content on it I can't get on my PC or on the Amazon Fire, and none of the 4K content is (a) worth it or (b) free. And the good stuff requires a Comcast subscription, which I was hoping to do away with now that I had the Roku. There is no local content at all.

Sat on the porch reading more of President Grant's memoirs. He has a similar style to Mark Twain. Quite a tongue in cheek sense of humor, but he also goes out of his way to give credit where it is due. So far he has praised two generals who were his West Point or Mexican War commanders, noting that they continued to be worthy of respect when they fought for the Rebels.

It was a sunny but breezy/gusty day, I sat on the porch reading until I got wind chill factored, then I put down the reader and sat on the stoop in the sun. A circular enabling device came to mind, I went to the shed for the shovel, and dug up a rose bush in the center of the rose garden which had not been producing, and re-planted it next to the salvia, behind the bees friend crop. It needed more soil, and I just happened to have a bag of Miracle Grow near the shed, so I went and got that, and poured it around the rose bush. Tamped it down and watered it.

Next project required my garden snippers and a big slide-lock plastic bag. I snipped all the bees friend pods which had gone to seed, and which no longer had flowers. It filled a gallon bag. Over time those will dry out and the seeds will be harvestable.

Back indoors, Spook clawed at the small recliner once too often, so I snatched her up, took her into the bedroom, put on my readers and grabbed the claw trimmer. It took a few minutes to get her situated, but I was able to trim all her claws with no bloodshed on either side. One side effect is she can't scramble up to the top of her tallest cat tree as easily.

Finished off last week's batch of chicken soup for dinner, in one of the new bowls. Added some won tons. Chocolate milk for dessert. It tasted different. Looks like Hershey's has changed to cane sugar.

Boiled water in the teapot, it didn't shatter, so that's a win. The infusion teacup worked great with my mint leaves.

There was more garbage than usual to haul to the curb. I threw out all my Nike socks, which had been unraveling and catching on my toenails. My last Costco trip netted me 4 six-packs of Puma socks, which are lighter weight, much better construction. Non-snag.

Also in the garbage went three vines which had been bought to be hanging plants, but fried in the sun, so they were on stands in the livingroom and piano room. Three less things to water. I really don't need nearly as many plants indoors as I have.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual job hunt
Bring out the laptop - Windoze updates - maybe do that at the downtown Starbucks or Prolific Oven
NVidia tablet should be delivered by 8 pm

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