Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Happy returns

The Roku is boxed up, labeled and sitting in an Amazon locker in Mountain View a couple of blocks from where I lived for 5 years. Already received the refund for the Samsung tablet.

Those refunds will more than pay for the NVidia tablet which arrived today. I am generally happy with it, my only gripe so far is minor - the power\wake-up button is recessed a little too much, making it hard to use. I can understand why they did that, it's a gamer's tablet, and it makes it harder to accidentally interrupt a game when you just wanted to up the audio volume. It sees all three of my wi-fi offerings and stays connected to the fastest one. It downloaded my apps quickly, and I was able to transfer my webcam settings from my phone to the tablet easily.
Slept well. The cough is still hanging on, but not the seats or the fever. Stamina is coming back.

As planned, I drove downtown and camped out at Starbucks as the laptop was updating. Three updates: windows, norton and s&d spybot. Their wi-fi connection was as good as my cable connection. Better, actually.

On a hunch I fired up Ingress, and the plaza across from the train station (above where I park) was chock full of portals. When Sunnyvale built it, they went out of their way to make it not skateboard/soccer/frisbee/volleyball friendly. And they commissioned a couple of alleged artists to portray their lack of artistic talent and imagination at non-strategic points. These make portal fodder. There is a concrete beige egg. And a pair of concrete red eggs just screaming for a phallus. Which is across the way in the form of a square clock tower. The plaza itself is a portal, as are a couple of wheelchair ramps. So is the post office across the street.

I don't understand the game at all. I was able to capture the beige egg, but all the other items, after awarding me various power cubes and portal keys and resonators, told me either that my hack failed and I had to wait 5 minutes to "cool off" or I was attacked by someone else, and drained of power. Waiting 5 minutes never helped. It did raise me to level 2, whatever that means.

After *$s, I walked back to the car and put the laptop in the hatchback to make it easier to Ingress, and after maybe half an hour of wandering around in the sun and 75° I went back, turned up the block to a portal in the shape of a little Chinese lion, and failed to capture it. Put the phone away and stopped in at Prolific oven, got some goodies to take home.

There was much eye candy during this whole trip.

Home, in the mail was a non-bill from Kaiser finally admitting they had overcharged me bigtime, and I had a $190 credit.
Made a cup of mint tea, then a whole pot of it. Put those in the fridge. Which shows I am feeling better, because I really don't like hot drinks. They are for medicinal purposes.
Got illiterate email from yet another Indian recruiter, deleted it. Then he phoned, and was almost understandable. It seems he is not working for a contract agency, some company in the internet video space is expanding into Santa Clara, and though the job description he sent me was for just another automation engineer/programmer, he insisted they are more interested in people who have worked for name brands than they are in the job description. I've had that happen to me before, so I sent him a resume. I doubt if it will pan out, but who knows. Looking at the web page, they are a Chinese company trying to be Apple. They have some powerful smartphones, a self-driving car and something similar to Apple TV.

Another early post. Time to make dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go to the beach. Temps are due to be in the mid-80s here.

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