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There is one thing wrong with the NVidia 8" tablet - it measures 9", which means it will not fit in built-for-8"-tablets neoprene sleeve which I have been using for years. It's a Case Logic sleeve, which has an outer zip pocket perfect for my metal reader stand. So my first stop this morning was Fry's where it took way too long to find The Next Best Thing, a built-for-10"-tablets thing by Case Logic, which actually has a better design for the extra pocket, but it also has little fabric handles like a laptop case. I will probably cut those off.

Took the scenic route to Hwy 92 - Lawrence to 280 - and it was a nice safe trip to Half Moon Bay. Other than turning the wrong way initially on Hwy 1, I got to the park without incident. Traffic was heavy for a weekday morning, which figures because the temps on my side of the hill were predicted to be 85 while the beach was close to 70. The best part about a lot of traffic is people were driving under the speed limit, and since it's mostly a 1-lane road with double lines, the BMWs had to bear with it.

It was chilly at the beach, lots of wind, so I had to go back to the car and get my jacket.

After scoping out the place a little, I set up my camp chair facing the ocean, with a bottle of water in its holder and a couple of salami sandwiches for lunch. And a bag of grapes for dessert.

There wasn't much bikini action, but there was one (1) surfer to take pictures of.

And I like this father-son shot:

And the obligatory one-legged seagull:

And this reminded me of the Marilyn Monroe steam vent photo:

The full set of photos is here (clicky)
I headed back around 3 pm, which turned out to be a Bad Choice for two reasons. First is bikinis started showing up, and second is traffic was bumper to bumper and somewhat treacherous as big CHP SUVs escorted some seriously oversized freight toward the beach. They literally ran us to the edge of the road, and about 20 minutes later I passed an elderly man standing outside his car which had been pulled into a winery driveway. It was missing its driver's side mirror and was a little crumpled along the side.

After passing him, traffic sped up, and as soon as we got to the 2-lane section it was like NASCAR. Eventually the idiots were forced back into one lane, and had to slow down for the trucks ahead of us.

280 clogged up just past Foothill College, so I took the next exit, which gave me a fairly straight shot to 237 and my house. I almost stopped at Ranch99, which was on the way, but told myself I had enough food already.

Vague TMI: the condition which caused my CT scan is back with a vengeance, but my doc says don't panic, it's normal. Doesn't feel normal. But I'm back to drinking a lot of water.

Dinner tonight was the first tub of this week's chicken soup. It took a while to defrost. The new container survived the microwave fine. Dessert was a dark chocolate covered cream puff.

As I was packing up my camp chair, my phone sang to me (my ringtone is Popular from Wicked) and it was a rare case of an Indian recruiter with a full time perm job prospect paying almost what I am asking. When I got home I checked out the emailed job description, and it's something I can do. It says it is at Google in Mountain View but I bet it's really at their YouTube site in not at all convenient San Bruno. We'll see.

There was another call as I was en route to the restrooms which I didn't answer because I was in a hurry not just to use the restroom, but also to take a photo of what I thought was going to be an "all restrooms are open to all people" sign on the door. But it wasn't:

Looking at the photos, especially the ones where there is a light background, it is clear there are spots in the same location. Usually this is caused by dirt on the camera sensor, but I've been seeing this in all the sets I've taken with this lens, and none of the sets where I used another lens. It's a $1,000 lens at retail, so I went online at Nikon, and it is packed up and ready to ship to them in LA tomorrow, insured for full price. I still had the original box (even though I bought it used). I have no idea how long I'll be without it, I definitely can't afford to buy another. But I'm not planning any shoots so...

Plans for tomorrow:
Post office
Maybe hear back about the Google gig. Or not.

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