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Rebellion in the Ranks

Slept well, Hgl before bedtime was 72 so I didn't shoot up any insulin. Morning reading was 162, but I'd rather than than waking up at 3 am with an insulin reaction which saps my strength all day.

All my Plans™ were accomplished, though maybe an hour late because Automation Guy phoned from his commute at 8:30 am, and we chatted till his signal went south, about 45 minutes. He is all squee about a new Amazon Prime product called DASH, which is a little wi-fi enabled button which will automatically re-order items for you. It's not a very good implementation, every brand has its own button, and every button only offers a subset of that brand's products. And it favors products which are on subscription, which means you don't need a button at all.

I checked it out online, and none of the buttons would work for me. I was hoping the Purina button would, but they don't offer the Purina One cat food Spook is inflicted with. Whiskas doesn't have a button. Nor does the litterbox cartridge maker.

Other staples cost less at Costco, and are bought in such quantities that the button will get pushed maybe once every 6 months. It sounds good for families with kids, though.

Breakfast was a banana and some walnuts, but I forgot they were next to me in the computer room, and didn't eat them till about 11. Grabbed the tablet & the box to be mailed and went to the PO. They have a drop place for pre-paid mail, saves me from waiting in line. Saves the line from waiting for me.

Then to downtown, walked around enjoying the sunshine & 90°, but mostly the shade. Hung out at *$s, iced tea & marble cake, finished Grant's memoirs book 1 and started on Book 2, whnich does not take up where book 1 left off. There's quite a gap. Book 1 ends with him in Mexico as a 1st Lt. in charge of Stuff. Quartermaster or something like that. Book 2 starts with the war over, and his former commanding officer, Gen. Winfield Scott, being trounced so badly in his election for Prez that it destroys the Whig party.

He has nice things to say about a lot of the officers he fought with/under in Mexico, noting that Taylor and Scott had diametrically opposed styles of command, but they both got the job done, and each style had its advantages.

There was a lot of eye candy, and I could have stayed a lot longer if there wasn't a time limit on parking. Just for grins, I whipped out Ingress, and was surprised to see that several portals which had been in enemy hands two day ago were now neutral, and easily acquired. And I stumbled on the training section, which sometimes doesn't work for no apparent reason. But usually it does. I started a Mission, which was a walk down Murphy Ave, the 1-block restaurant row. The GPS was off by half a block, and a couple of portals have changed names and didn't match their photos, while at least two were hidden by sidewalk café tables.  I only got about 1/3 of the sites hacked, and the mission gave me no feedback, so that was mostly a FAIL.

A couple of days ago, the neighborhood got inspection feedback notes from park management, and mine were a total WTF. It said to remove hanging plants, and remove empty decorative pots, and the umbrella on the porch. None of these items were on the list they had given us of what the inspectors would be looking for, so I assumed it was just poorly worded. Hanging plants could not possibly be viewed as unsightly.

So on my way home I stopped by Lowe's and got a couple of pretty sun-loving petunia plants to replace the not so pretty not flowering fuchsias which were in my hanging baskets. I also bought a star jasmine and a dwarf tangelo. And to add to the front, nothing to do with the notice,  some marigolds and a lavender plant - the former for color and the latter for the bees.

When I got home, my across the street neighbor buttonholed me, she had gotten the same hanging plants/pots notice and was mad as Hell. Her plants are gorgeous and there are birds nesting in the baskets, and he pots are heirlooms from her grandmother and very pretty. Makes no sense. She says she won't talk to the manager because she doesn't like him, which is not a surprise. I'll probably be writing a nastygram, telling them what they can do with their arbitrary orders.

The rest of the evening was spent putting the trees in the two formerly empty pots, planting the lavender and marigolds, and taking down the fuchsias, putting them in the livingroom where they have a chance of blooming, and putting one of the petunias in a pot and hanging it, but I need another set of hanger clips to do the other one. Tomorrow, maybe. Unless I have to order them.

Dinner was stuffed cabbage & veggies & sourdough bread, with an eclaire for dessert. Watched some Tivo and some mindless TV. Visited LinkedIn and found one job to apply for.

Did 2 loads of wash, but didn't start the dryer till after sunset. One load is still in the washer.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual job search stuff
1:30, NOVA training center "what are my training options?"  is a class I wanted to take a month ago, but they didn't offer it at a time I could make it.

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