Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

An Okay Day

for a Thursday.

Hemmed and Hawed about it, but finally recognized that there was plenty of time to produce the nastygram to the park management. Enclosed with the letter was a copy of their instructions with the word "rejected" overlayed in red stencil font. Basically I pointed out that each of their findings were pulled out of their butts, and made the neighborhood uglier, which is the opposite of their stated intentions.

Had lunch, a small frozen Thai coconut chicken meal and some Famous Amos cookies.

Headed over to NOVA for a class called "What Are My Training Options" which gave a ton of info, but only some of it immediately useful. Lots of links, many good ideas which need further research. The presenter was good, my only complaint is one of the attendees kept shouting out questions, most of which had been answered a few seconds before. Teacher skills would have reminded her to raise her hand and wait to be recognized. This attendee had interrupted other classes I attended.

There were some pretty women in the class, most un-banded. All too young.

Went from there a half mile to the downtown PO and mailed the nastygram. It may go to SF and back again. I just didn't want to put it in my home mailbox and have the postperson drop it directly in the manager's box, wasting a stamp. 

Parked in my usual garage, enjoyed some sunshine in the plaza, then went to Starbucks and camped out with Grant's memoirs for a couple of hours. Eye candy jackpot. At the long table in front of me, perpendicular to me, were two redheads and an albino. All with killer figures. Two out of three banded, and the third too young, but still nice to look at between chapters. And as usual there, a fairly steady stream of pretty women getting drinks to go.

Nearing 5 pm, back to the car, it had clouded over and was getting very windy, a good time to go home.

Refilled the hummer feeders and sat on the porch long enough to make sure there were customers.

Spook left a HUGE hairball on the floor next to her favorite livingroom scratcher. She has been leaving small pieces of loose fur around the house, I chalk it up to summertime shedding. And switching from hairball formula food to non. Time to re-order the right stuff. Also need to order a litterbox cartridge or two.

Watched enough TV to know the local basketball team and hockey team both got one up on the playoff competition. Both now go on the road.

The cough is now through week 4, so I made an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow to look into that. I'm seeing two sets of locally-written one-acts Sat-Sun in an 80-seat theater, do not want to be coughing through those. Also want to get referred to dermatology for something on my cheek which is either skin cancer or sunburn, and while I'm at it look into following lemmozine's skin tag ordeal. There are some annoying ones on my neck & other places. Also while I'm there I know she will have a nurse take a manual BP reading.

Greenhouse Megastore has shipped the planter hangers. USPS emails that the Nikon lens is in LA, to be delivered tomorrow. I hope the bill for cleaning it is not more than the lens is worth. I'm expecting $250, which seems to be their default out of warranty repair fee.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual job search
Research training prospects. Google has an online free Python course.

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