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Pretty much what I expected

Spent a couple of hours in bed with General Grant. Book 2 of his memoirs starts in the middle of the Civil War, and he's already a general. I left off when Atlanta is captured, but before Sherman does his thing.

And it's a bit confusing to dyslexic me, because Sherman and Sheridan are such similar names and they are his two favorites, more so after Lincoln makes him head general. He has a lot of admiration for the southern generals, some of whom were classmates at West Point and/or served with him in Mexico & Texas. And instead of asking WTF Gen. Johnston was thinking, he merely says he is puzzled that the rebel leader did such and such when it played right into the Union's hands.

I'm also pleasantly surprised how much credit he gives to the corps of engineers, who do things like build and repair bridges under fire, build pontoons and help launch them at 2 am so 3000 troops can sneak behind enemy lines by river instead of be seen marching up the roads. His first commands in his career were as a quartermaster, and he gives a lot of details about how he was always careful not to send troops without also sending provisions for them and their animals.

I slept well. Woke up fewer times than usual. Was out and about by 8:30. Online, no new jobs to look at. But I got a call from a recruiter to whom I had talked about a job with MLB in San Francisco testing streaming media on all the things. They hired a veteran, and now they are looking for more people. So I sent him an updated resume.

Went online, started reading Google's developers' introduction to python.

Noon:30 I was at NOVA, not sure if my appointment was 1 or 1:30. It was 1:30. Used their computers for half an hour to continue the python tutorial. I couldn't load anything onto the PC so I couldn't do the exercises. :-(

Talked to the training counselor, and it was mostly a FAIL. They are all out of $$, as I knew, and while there will be some for me in September, it is only for certificate programs, 2-year degrees. She did point me to a good adult ed python class, but it's a 20-minute drive (probably more because 7pm is rush hour) and costs $300. I'll think about it.

Then my usual short drive to underground Sunnyvale, stopped in at Starbucks, but they had half the place closed for mopping, the men's room was locked and the internet was down, so I continued to Prolific Oven, which has internet, and paid too much for a sandwich and a slice of cake. But I got some stuff done on the laptop. Followed up on the adult ed class and looked for others. Foothill has online classes, but everything is TBA, and Mission is now only certificate programs, no one-off classes.

Back to the plaza, hung around for an hour in hopes of people-watching as the trains stopped by, but there wasn't any. There was a gaggle of moms with toddlers.

It got very windy, so I went home. Cranked up the laptop because it needed to charge, and I had forgotten to update the anti-virus and such.

Made another batch of clam & bacon dip and had half a bag of chips with that. Dinner was a beef & noodles meal. Popsicle for dessert.

Caught the after-game for the Sharks. They won tonight by even more than they lost the previous game. And now they come home to blow it for the final game, and probably the series. There's an OJ joke in there somewhere.

Also fired up mlb.com and saw the Mariners are, shockingly, in first place. Wow. Only the Cubs have a better record. Also wow.

I suspect there will be more bed time with Grant tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:

I should go to the quilt store.  

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