Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quilt Project WIN

No jobs to apply for this morning, no phone calls from legit recruiters either. At about 11 am I was at Eddie's Quilting Bee, and unlike the last time I was there, an experienced manager was available, she knew exactly what was needed, did the math, and found that the two packages of orange edge material was not enough, so I grabbed two of black, rather than wait for an order. The quilt is black & orange mostly, so that will work.

Better still, she had the name, number and address of an alterations place which would probably do the job.

Home, had some chips & dip, then called the alterations person, named Jennyfer. The number went to voicemail for a different number. Hung up. Hmmm. I called again just to make sure I had not misdialed. Nope. Left a complete message. Half a minute later I got a text telling me she couldn't talk right now. Cool.

She called back in half an hour or so, and said sure, she could do the job, and she wasn't in the shop at the moment, so how about I bring the stuff by at 4?

I had stuff to do online, such as change my Facebook, LinkedIn and LJ photos, used Photoshop's poster setting. Pretty nice effect.

Punched her address into the GPS and it got me to the right side of the street, but it was an auto parts store. I had misread 820 as 180. :-(

Made a U-turn, and as I was a couple of blocks away she called to let me know she was there, and gave me the Clue™ I needed to make the right left turn in time.

Got the stuff out of the car and brought it in nd was greeted by a DDG dressed to the nines very elegant woman. Her voice on the phone sounded like a teenager, but in person, wow.  We discussed what needed to be done, and she went over it with her seamstress, a very well endowed but otherwise tiny woman (20s I'd guess) whom she spoke to in Vietnamese. But I understood the hand gestures. I did the math to show her that they had enough edging material for the job, actually one more package than needed. She said they normally charge $75, but since I was referred by Quilting Bee, it will be $60. Even with all the repair work the edges need. I'll pick it up a week from Saturday.

Spook was not pleased when I took the quilt off the bed and folded it - she kept jumping onto it as I folded. Last night she slept curled up in its folds, and though she was in and out of the bed, she was curled up nearby when I finally woke up.

Both those trips were done on a single charge, and the car has about 2100 miles on it with still more than 1/4 of its second tank of gas left. Most of that was beach trips and the Boss' housewarming.

Installed Python and a Python editor called Eric on the big PC. Now I just need to use it. Still not sure about taking the class. I need to sign up this week if I want to go. I at least ordered the book.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual
If the weather cooperates, hang out at Baylands Park and read. I have given up on the quad copter, will probably take it to Goodwill. It doesn't handle well enough to give it to anyone I like. I can sell the batteries, though.


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