Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Much As I Dislike Company Picnics

Stayed up late trying to convert video files. Bottom line is the $30 software chokes just before finishing the conversion. Works better going to MP4 than MP2, so that's what I did.

Slept well, only woke up once. Prior to bedtime, I moved a rarely used cat bed identical to the one in the office which Spook uses often, into a spot in the bedroom where she often parks herself on the floor near the laundry hampers. She slept in that cat bed most of the night.

Woken up at 7:30 by the alarm, but stayed in bed till 9 for no apparent reason.

Did my usual morning stuff, no job prospects, but a couple came close. One was for a photographer, I have all the skills they wanted, until the last two, which was Bezier curves in Adobe Illustrator. That means they really want a graphic artist. IMHO any artist can learn to be a good photographer, especially in these days where all the technical stuff is automatic. But I went into photography because I have no drawing skills.

Broke into the shed, re-arranged some suitcases, extracted the two empty storage tubs and put them in the car.

Had corn dogs, a pickle, artichoke hearts and sauerkraut for lunch.

Drove to the dump, today they had wood chip & sawdust mulch so I filled the smaller tub with that, and the larger tub with compost. It was pretty busy by the compost heap, most people backing their cars in. I park in the spaces across the driveway and use a dolly.

From there it's a short trip to Baylands Park, where parking was not as easy to find as usual on account of five of the picnic sites being taken by company picnics. Luckily my favorite spot under the trees was not in the way of the volleyball or cricket games, or the mini-copter races. The latter was not part of the picnic scene, it's the usual afternoon mini-copter (VR controlled) crowd.

I keep forgetting to bring my bicycle. Lots of bicyclers on the trails today.

Thought about going to a coffee shop, but didn't feel like fighting rush hour traffic.

Home, started work on video conversions again.

Managed to make 3 DVDs for Janice of Graham Norton shows. I have three more I could do, but it depends on whether she wants more. Once the initial conversion is done, it takes about half an hour to chop out commercials and "up next" snippets, and his inane/insane filler material which is struck between the opening where he's in the audience, and his running up onto the stage. It's inane images of weird objects (toy robot, lava lamp, etc) being dropped into water. Insane because it's a pre-recorded show, no filler is needed.

According to IMDB, BBC America plays each episode a week after it aired in the UK. :-(

Delivered was:
Revereware teapot
Python book & mini box cutters (I needed scissors to open the packet)
The rent bill (saved $100 on gas and got a $28 CA climate credit)

Put some water on to boil. Did not hear the whistle, but checked in time to prevent a burn-out. Made a batch of mint tea. After it cooled, put it in the fridge.

Dinner was Stouffer's lasagna and a popsicle. Watched two episodes of PTI.

Still coughing.

Called my Baltimore sister, she has a bad cold. Took her advice and ordered and electric teapot with automatic keep-warm-after-boiling and it won't start up if empty. We decided it was a hard decision, because it made too much sense.

I see the local basketball team won, to play another day. I doubt they will win the next two, but who knows.

Plans for tomorrow:
Cahoots at Santa Clara players. In addition to the SC Players friend, my co-star (Audry) from LSOH is in it.

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