Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Pepper And Battery

Slept well, but Spook didn't use the bed or the cat bed. The alarm woke me for a couple of seconds, then at about *;30 my phone rang but I ignored it because I figured it was an Indian recruiter. Turns out it was Automation Guy calling from his commute. We messaged a bit but never connected.

Changed my job search keywords a little and found two worth applying for.  Signed up for a job fair June 2, which advertises 15 employers will be there, but they don't say which ones or what industries. So I'm not getting my hopes up.

Did some more DVD making, did some more reading, new intel is that Rutherford B. Hayes was a general under Grant during the Civil War. One running theme is Lincoln and Stanton routinely overruled Grant's orders to his generals.

Caught up on PTI and got bored enough to surf between the weather channel and the The Real Housewives of New York City marathon. I made bologna sandwiches for lunch.

More job hunting online, denied some dude in China's connection request, he is looking for field engineers to work in the US for his Beijing company. Also denied Automation Guy's request, which was sent to my personal email address, not the one I used for LinkedIn/job search stuff. We're already connected by that one.

Watched two boxing matches, or actually 1.6. There is so much wasted air in those broadcasts. 10 minutes between the start of the show and the start of the first fight. 15 between matches.

I tried switching to MSNBC or CNN, but they have both become the Trump Channel. :-(

Finally it got to be after 7, time to take back roads to Santa Clara Players, the idea is to get there around 7:30 when the house opens. I was about 10 minutes early, but that's okay because there were people in line in front of me who had reserved tickets for Sunday but thought they had reserved them for today. Today was sold out so they were asked to come back Sunday.

The show is Cahoots and in a nutshell, two couples find themselves needing to cover up a murder. The murder weapon is a HUGE decorative pepper mill. Two friends were in it, Sarah Kishler, who was backstage tech for the first SCP show I was in and was also in a playwright's reading  group. She has turned out to be a good actress. Rachelle Abbey was Audrey in LSOH with me, so it was nothing new to see her involved in a murder cover-up.

The show is fast-paced, but the director didn't point out to the cast that speaking too rapidly for the audience to understand is not the same as keeping up the pace of the show.

The good thing about the show is it is the humor comes from repetition and building on established gags. And adding surprises to those.

This was champagne gala night, and in addition to the bubbly, they had four tables of small food-like objects. Very crowded, the space is too small for the full house crowd, but I did manage to talk to my friends, and two more who were in the audience, and one who was serving the not-hard apple cider.

I'm pretty sure that was Rachelle's sister in the eye-catching super-tight dress. Amazing rear end.

Home, in the mail was Kaiser's monthly "what we paid/what you paid" write-up, and I was disappointed to see that they don't pay any of my insulin syringe bill.

Nibbled on some bologna and sipped on ginger ale as I wrote this.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual
Maybe I'll go to the Thai conversation meetup in the afternoon. For a change three Thais signed up.

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