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[Chatting in Thai with friends]

The usual this morning except I stayed in bed till almost noon watching videos, and Spook spent some of that time lying nearby being petted, in between her visits to the two window sills, which she was doing by walking across the head of the bed. She has to jump down to the floor to get to the one on the right, but on the left there's a cat tree she can walk across.

I slept real well, but I was up very late and had some champagne after the show, so...

Found things to do online, and watched some mindless TV then remembered that my Amazon Fire gave me PBS features for free, so I activated that account and watched the first 1/4 of Steven Hawking's mind bending program attempting to prove that everything was pre-determined.

Had to bail because there was finally a Thai conversation meet with more than just me and the host, in a location/time I could get to. There were four of us, we went to the newly opened, way too small bubble tea place which also has a too small Chinese restaurant in the back. All the seats were taken up front so we did the restaurant because two if them were hungry and I thought I was, but turned out not to be. Verde Tea Cafe. I had a mango smoothie, which was excellent but overfilled and kept dripping, and shrimp fried rice which was a joke, there was a trapezoid of fried rice in the shape of an upside-down Chinese to-go box, with five small, dry, unpeeled shrimp on the side. Meh. There was also a salad, which looked okay but I wasn't that hungry. Only ate 1/3 of what was on the plate. Finished the smoothie, though.

Enjoyed the conversation, we managed to stick to Thai for about the first hour, but all 4 of us are non-fluent. Two Thai guys but one born here, and only knows what he has picked up from his mom, and the other moved here when he was 8, and stopped learning the language to perfect his English. The host is from Canada.

While I was en route, just for grins I fired up Ingress, and was able to capture two neutral portals and was boosted to level 3. I have no idea what I just said.

Home, updated my laptop (Chrome had an update, but you have to know about it to get it. Go to Help/About and it will start right up). Dell, Norton and S&D all had updates too. Finished installing Eric6, the python IDE. It works.

Remembered the Hawking program, and launched it. Fire FAIL, it put me back at the beginning, despite me having paused it. Had to FF for about 10 minutes (FIRE only has one FF speed - FAIL again) but at least it shows the frames so you know where to hit play. Just when we were about to just pack it in because we have no free will, oh wait - we forgot quantum physics - so now everything is predetermined at random and over almost infinite parallel universes. Yeah, sure. While I would like to think somewhere there is a rich, thin me, no way.

Left the pointer on a program which looks like it is competition for Who Do You Think You Are?.

Just checked the score for the NBA game, and if I was a betting man, I would invest in pacemakers and cardiologists in both OKC and the SF Bay Area.

Got some laundry done. Washed all the bathroom mats, and Spook was confused about a bare bathroom floor. That's fixed now. Did the whites, had to throw away a T-shirt with a suntan lotion stain which bleach & vinegar did not remove. It's okay, I have 5 more which I rarely wear. Am doing the shirts now.

As usual on Saturday, I watered all the indoor plants, and as I do more than once a week, watered all the outdoor plants. I need another tomato cage, the biggest plant is falling forward, and if I try to tie it to the trellis behind it I think it will break. I also may get a couple more tomato plants, now that the green pea seedlings have gone to dust.

No late dinner tonight, had blueberries & walnuts with honey along with iced mint tea. Ontrac's idiot delivered the electric teapot, rang the bell, my car was in the driveway plugged in, so he knew I was home, but instead of waiting for me to come to the door he put the box on the rear steps of the carport stairs and moved the recycling bin between it and the neighbor's, as if that hid it any better. I'll have to put a note on amazon about that. The teapot worked fine. Now I don't know what to do with the new Reverware teapot.

Since I had time, and might not tomorrow, I flattened all the boxes and taped them into a bundle.

Plans for tomorrow:
Post on FB about it being my mom's and JFK's birthdays
Lowe's for tomato cage(s) and maybe tomato plants.
Maybe get some more compost from the dump to fill in the space where the sunburst plants were burst by the sun. But what to plant there? If I go I should take my dead light bulbs to recycle.
Coffee chat w/Janice
Take out the garbage


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