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Missed it, but didn't miss it.

Today was the first Ye Olde Towne Band concert of the season, and I was theoretically planning to go but totally forgot to plan to go. By the time I remembered, it was over, and I was back from Lowe's with plants and stuff. I was in that band for about 6 years, and it was fun, but became less so as the band got better but I didn't. I had improved a lot from when I started, which is what happens when one is surrounded by talent, but I'd hit my limit. The eye stroke made it impossible to follow the music, last summer I toughed out the last three concerts but it was a chore. When I told my section leader I was thinking of quitting, he asked me not to, saying "as long as it's fun, keep doing it". Sigh.

My morning helped derail that plan. I slept so well that at 10:30 when I was only awake for maybe 15 minutes and watching videos on the tablet, Spook jumped onto the bed and yelled at me. She let me pet her a little. But as usual, she jumped off and went away when I reached too far. A cat who doesn't like to cuttle, IMHO is defective. She had spent most of the night curled up in the "new" bedroom cat bed, which was nice.

So at 11 I was showering and such, then threw some shirts into the washing machine, did my usual job search (applied for some possible jobs), was disappointed that Fitbit is hiring about 1,000 people, but their ads are all "we're fit and young and use the product" and I'm not. I wouldn't feel right QA-ing a product I couldn't enjoy using.

Amazon is hiring a lot, and a couple of those jobs did not require programming, they just listed that as "nice to have".

Arris is still advertising the job we were RIFed from, which I think is disgusting. There are half a dozen people they could call. Not me, but a couple of them would take the job back at reduced salary.

Saw a really interesting nature thing in the carport garden. There are a couple of salvia plants which are thriving, and have been attracting hummingbirds and bees, usually bumble bees, but today I saw a HUGE carpenter bee being attacked by a tiny honey bee (with not much success):

It was pretty warm pretty early, and Spook did her raccoon impression on the top tier of the office cat tree (she usually parks herself on a lower level)

Yes, I know it's sideways. LJ doesn't know how to handle vertical videos.

So after spending a lot of time online looking for work, it was getting past lunch time, so I ate something, I forget what.  And then I remembered today was Mom's birthday, so I fired up the PC again and posted on FB. And it's also JFK's 99th, so I linked an article from Peace Corps about that.

An ad on TV reminded me that Lowe's was doing 10% off on everything, so I headed over there with a shopping list:
- 2 salvia plants (hopefully the same species as the thriving ones) to replace some dying lithodora
- 2 tomato plants (I had already prepared an area next to the three successful ones)
- 1 tomato cage to prop up the left-hand plant - the right-hand one is already caged and the middle one is too small
- Something to replace the fried sunburst plants between the rosemary bramble and the Mint That Refuses To Die
- CFL bulbs ~ 60W to replace two burned out ones
- A hose spray attachment to replace the broken one on the front hose
- And if I saw one not too expensive, a sprayer smaller and more reliable than the gallon pump-up ones Round-Up comes in

It took me a long time to find the salvia because they had two varieties but neither was the one I wanted, and both looked less robust. But I finally gave in and got two. Tomato plants were easy, they had tons of them. I got two cages, but almost didn't get any because the numnuts who put up the display tie-wrapped six sets of them together, and no one would cut them apart for me because they didn't understand that each cage only has 4 sides. Finally found a couple which were misfiled in the wrong aisle. They had Thai basil on sale 4/$10, so that's what I got to replace the sunbursts. Paid for those in the garden department, put them in the car and then walked to the indoor part of the store, found a pump sprayer which holds about a quart, and a pack of 8 CFL 75W bulbs, and maybe 8 almost identical hose attachments ranging from $1.75 to $34. I got the $4.50 one which was the least expensive one with a rotating wheel.

Home, plugged in the car, put the plants in the shade on the carport, put the frames by the tomato plants and went inside to enjoy the aircon. Uploaded the bee video, edited it and posted it on FB, just in time to leave to meet Janice at Starbucks. Chatted for 2 hours. One of her exes was in town, 10 years later he is still makng zero progress on his dream of a non-profit using Hummers to deliver tablets and laptops to African children. He's a peacetime ex-Marine wh doesn't understand that a Hummer is not a symbol of Peace™. I've met him a few times, and chatted to him as a former Peace Corps volunteer (he thought I would love his Hummer idea). His heart is in the right place, but not his brain. 

Home, it was cool enough to do the gardening, got it all done, watered all the things, warmed up some corned beef and onions from a few months ago and threw in a slice of sourdough. Dessert was two chocolate puddings over some walnuts.

Took out the garbage & recycles & bundle of cardboard. Unloaded the dryer & hung up all the shirts.

I am wearing a sorta Hawaiian style SF Giants shirt, and wanted to get a San Jose Sharks equivalent, but there isn't one. Honolulu needs an NHL team!

Did I mention that the other day I put my American flag back up? Sad to say it's the only one on the block. There are a few on the other side of the park, though.

Plans for tomorrow:

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