Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Miserable night, brain refused to shut off

Made for a miserable day.

While I was in Ventura, the mobile home park did an inspection of all the houses, and a couple of weeks ago left terse, rudely worded notes in our park business non-mail boxes. Before I went on vacation they had given us a 2-page detailed description of what they would be looking for.

They lied.

The pulled right out of their butts empty pots and hanging flower baskets as things to be removed. These were not on the 2-pager, and two other homes on my block received the same note. "You have 14 days to comply". All of us have decorative pots and hanging baskets. Me for almost 3 years, my neighbors for 6.

I wrote a nastygram to the manager, whose name was the only one on the note, pointing out the plus side of hanging baskets and decorative pots. He replied with a "this is unacceptable" note, claiming that if they were to give us the full list of verboten items,. "it would be a tome", with an invitation to listen to him tell me what other changes are coming around the pike.

Turns out this is illegal. The park must negotiate any rule changes with the residents, it's a California statute, which I found online.

I will see if he wants to chat tomorrow. Meanwhile my brain refused to let this go last night, and between a low blood sugar episode at 1:30 am and an inability to get back to sleep after a pit stop at 4:30, I was pretty well fried until late afternoon.

Fell asleep on purpose in my recliner at about 11, took a nap an hour later for about an hour. Lunch was lox, hummus & pita with a popsicle for dessert.

Took in the garbage bins when each had been collected (garbage truck is about 11 am, recycles 1-2 pm).

Overruled the urge to shop and instead went to downtown Sunnyvale where the Ingress app magically leapt into my phone, and now I know I don't understand the game. 
Three portal which were solidly blue two days ago were neutral. All six which had been blue were green. I captured the neutral ones, and linked as many of the green ones as I had juice for (six or seven I'm guessing) and hacked all the blue ones, usually getting attacked. I have no idea why that happens.

To add to the WTF, thi morning when I checked the app from my kitchen, which always shows one blue portal and sometimes two, there were none. There were two widgets pointing blue streamers at where the one use to be. When I got home this evening, they were both showing again.

After ingressing for 10 minutes, I walked to Starbucks, and picked a seat outside because it was about 87° in the sun, but only 77° in the shade, and all the eye candy was outside, with more walking past all the time. Ahead of me in line was a short but shapely East Indian woman, who had cut rudely ahead of me. Cash register guy indicated she had started an order but had to get the rest of it and come back, and the partial order was already rung up. It was six drinks. Which meant I had to wait about 10 minutes for my iced tea.

She was still trying to figure out how the cardboard tray worked when I went outside. She got help from the barista, and came out with the fully loaded tray, walked across the street, and delivered them inside the bubble tea shop. Jesus on a pogo stick!

Left at about 7, dropped off the rent (the office was of course closed but they keep the building open till 9.)

Home, dinner was a beef stroganoff frozen meal, blueberries, walnuts & honey for dessert.

Watched two episodes today of PBS' Genealogy Roadshow which does a good job of helping people trace their ancestry, and they found some interesting ones, among which was a woman who turned out not to be related to Pancho Villa, but her family went back on both sides to the 1600's in the town he lived in when he was killed. The production values are amateurish, and the genealogists are way too enthusiastic, and it doesn't hold a candle to Who Do You Think You Are but they manage to get more information without having to send the victim away.

I switched back to TV just in time to be very surprised to see the Warriors snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, and even more surprised that the final score looked like the time I tried bowling left-handed. Nobody broke 100.

Plans for tomorrow:
Park office around 11, hopefully chat with the manager, and leave him a copy of the statute. It's very clearly written. But first I will attempt to reason with him.

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