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Well, That Took a Weight Off

Spook slept curled up in the bedroom cat bed all night, moving to the guest room futon after I got up to tinkle at 6:30. I went back to sleep, up again at about 8:30, played on the tablet before getting out of bed at 9.

Did my morning stuff, found one job to apply for. 

This being the first biz day after receiving the rude note from the manager inviting me to hear from him personally the changes the park was (illegally) making, at 10 I walked to the park office and asked to talk with the manager. He's on vacation. For two weeks.

So I am no longer interested in anything he has to say, and will see about lodging a complaint with the attorney general's office. Useless to argue with the park's corporate overlords, they know they are violating the law. Just re-read 2013 CALIFORNIA MOBILEHOME RESIDENCY LAW and it says I would have to go to court and sue for at least an injunction. Maybe there's a lawyer advertising in the homeowner's magazine...

Since I was walking anyway, I took out Ingress and walked to the two portals which happen to be right on the other side of the wall behind my house, and across the street. I hacked them, but being up close didn't seem to make any difference (both are enemy owned). There is a third portal showing up half a block away, but the fountain pictured in the app is now gone, with condos in the spot. There's another phantom portal downtown, just around the corner from the post office. About 15 years ago there was a business called Honey Bear Postal Service, which did pretty much what today's UPS Store does. That building was bulldozed 10 or more years ago, and as far as I can tell, Honey Bear moved into the new building, but went out of business 2 years ago. Google maps shows it still there until you do the street view.
Back home, watched the temps climb. The mini indoor-outdoor temp display on my livingroom table was no longer displaying the outside temp, so I changed the batteries both on the display and the outdoor sensor, but it still is intermittent. 85 was the last outdoor reading.

I decided to just relax in my recliner with the fan on, and snack on some honey roasted peanuts. Dropped one, and Spook ate it. Gave her another, but as usual she wouldn't touch it till I dropped it, and she ate that one also, then walked away. Two is also her limit on potato chips.

Sometime around 2 I finally got off my butt, put shoes on and drove to Safeway to restock the frozen foods, fruit and milk, all of which were on "just 4 you" specials on my app. Spent about $90, but everything in my basket was on my list. Mostly because there was no one behind the seafood counter, and their Dungeness crabs looked not worth $7.99/lb.

For mid-afternoon on a weekday, there was an inordinate number of pallets blocking the aisles, and even in this biggest of superstores there were places where a cart could not fit because of the stupid displays. And sadly (for me at least) the supermodel who had been in charge of the self-check section where she was allowed to wear whatever she wanted as long as it was in the home team's colors (black & white), has been transferred to the stock department, and is stuffed into their uniform, black jeans and black denim shirt, and doing manual labor.

Since I had frozen stuff, it was straight home, and put stuff away quickly.

The mail was late (usually it's delivered by 2 pm) so I amused myself by watching all the channels, switching away from any mention of the elections, and any Geico commercials.

When the mail did arrive after 4, in it was the fourth item of its kind I have received from Kaiser in the last 2 weeks: a detailed run-down of every visit, lab test, prescription, etc. showing how much the plan paid and how much I paid, and a bottom line of how much of the $3,000/yr out of pocket limit I have paid. But it lies, kind of. On one page it shows I paid $0 out of pocket for the CT scan, but on another page it shows me paying $210 for something vague (which happened to be what I paid for the CT scan).

Also in the mail were FIVE glossy oversized ads for one state assembly candidate. All different. Yesterday there were three. Over the last two weeks, probably an average of two a day. I know whom I am not voting for. I'm tempted to mail them back to him.

Fired up the Tivo and watched PTI, my favorite national sports hour. They stopped just a hair short of declaring the local basketball team the best in recent memory, even if they don't win the title again. And they predicted the Sharks will come back and possibly win it all.

That last graph was typed on my standard MS wireless keyboard, because my Thai/English keyboard started missing characters big time. It's the same keyboard, except the firmware has been modified to support dual languages and the keys have both characters on them. Looks like if I want to be able to switch to Thai I'll need to buy another one. It has been my main work keyboard for at least the last 5 years, prior to that it was my main home keyboard. It has taken a beating.
Dinner was two of the small frozen dinners bought today, popsicle for dessert. Safeway doesn't sell the brand I like best, and while that was my last mango one and second to last from Costco, there are another 2 dozen of a different brand also from Costco, to work on.

Finally cracked open the python class text, and was not pleased to learn it is based on version 3 of the language, which I had uninstalled last week to install version 2, because Google's free online course was in version 2. So I installed 3 on the big PC and will put it on the laptop tomorrow. I expect we will have a choice to use class machines or our personal ones. Or not.

About 8 pm it was still light but cool enough to do some gardening. I cut some long stemmed roses to take inside, they were on a branch which was poking out into the road. Also collected Bees Friend seed pods from the dead plants, which was most of them, and cut up the dead plants which will be covered with compost Real Soon Now, and took up the stakes which had been propping them up. This morning I had broken up a gallon bag of seed pods and ended up with 3 parts chaff to one part seeds. Tiny black seeds. Not so tiny fluffy chaff. It will be a couple of days before what I harvested today is dried out enough.

Showed Lee my latest plantings, she didn't recognize the Thai basil until she nibbled on one of the leaves. She admired the mint, she says it's medicinal (I agree) and I told her she could take some any time, it grows like weeds. And she scolded me for letting the rosemary bush get so big, considering how little of that spice I use.

Plans for tomorrow:
Read some more Grant
Read some more python
Install version 3 on the laptop, as well as a pdf of the textbook (the book company lets you download any number of copies once you have paid for one).
Class at 7 pm. I need to check a map to see how to avoid traffic.

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