Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's tired and i'm getting late but must journal

Slept well. Spook mostly slept in the bedroom. Did not locomote myself to the shower till 10:30, breakfast was a banana and some walnuts while linking in, facebooking and checking email.

some of my facebooking time was spent hiding all posts containing a photo of the GOP presumptuous nominee. Why my friends insist on spreading his face when they hate him is beyond my ability to comprehend.

Relaxed a lot. Read some. Got to the end of Grant's 2nd book of memoirs only to find he attached as an appendix his report to the secretary of war of the entire civil war from the time he took command, with even more details and explanations/excuses than the main book contained. I skipped that after 3 pages. And then there were the footnotes, which were mostly redundant comments from the publisher. And then there was a list of every commanding Union officer by brigade, followed by the same for the rebel officers. And then there were references.

I'm giving myself some lighter fare before downloading books 3 & 4.

It was very hot outside and in the high 70s inside despite the aircon. Lunch was cold stuff.

Dumped a bunch of carnivorous plants. They did their job, gnat appearances are rare, which means the plants are starving. I also dumped a set of 7 starter planters which were not doing well, and kept the other set, which I may transplant outside. Or not. They are not yet ready. I also trimmed the hanging vines inside the kitchen windows.

At 6 I took the back route to the adult ed center, and was there by 6:30 despite heavy traffic. It's actually Wilson High School during the day. I brought my laptop, and the textbook, but the room is tightly packed with PCs, 30 of them.

An admin opened up at 6:50, half the seats were taken in 60 seconds. The first highlight of the night was a HUGE guy with a red beard bursting in at 6:55 declaring "I'm early for the Python class". The rest of us were earlier, dude. :-)

Students mostly arrived by 7, but there were stragglers, the last one at 8:30.

The instructor is good. He speaks clearly, is well organized, has readable materials, and responded well to questions. He is especially good at keeping on-topic and deflecting questions that aren't. But he'll also give a hint if the question will be covered in a future session. The first half of the class was introductions (half the class need Python to qualify for a job), overview (I already read that part of the book) and admin stuff (yes it's a 10-week class). One of the non-native thinkers saw that the last class was on 8/3 and misinterpreted that as meaning 8 weeks.

The second half of the class was writing a program which converted °C to °F and vice versa, which he typed out for us on the screen, and had us all copy it and try to run it. It was more complex than I had expected for a first exercise, but still relatively simple. It was also dead stupid the way it asked for input and even more stupid in how it gave results and reported errors. So I spent most of my time fixing that on my PC, while he went off in another direction explaining some things I already knew how to do, for the benefit of students who asked.

After everyone had a working program, he asked what was wrong with/missing from the program, and what he really wanted was what I had been doing, but I let others make guesses. One woman came close.

Demographics surprised me. Half women, most of the class is middle-aged, I'm the oldest. The boy next to me is in high school, so he really should not have been in an adult ed class. Only 3 or 4 people without foreign accents.

We have homework. And a yahoo group (WTF?)

From there I drove to the nearest CVS for Tussin, ended up buying a bunch of other things which were on "buy 1 get 1 free" sale.

Home, dinner was a small orange chicken meal, diet cola, was planning on pre-cut mango for dessert but it was not even close to being ripe. Blame Safeway. Had rice pudding instead. And some chips & dip.

Plans for tomorrow:
Job fair in the afternoon. I printed some resumes already.

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