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I Was Afraid That Would Happen

  • So, another very late night, another good sleep, awakened by the alarm at 7:30, went back to sleep till the phone rang just before 8. Pushed it to voicemail. Twice. Same number. Then again at 8:30, different number. First number left voicemail, American accent, Chinese name. Back to sleep till 9:30.

    Found one job to apply for, a bit out of my comfort zone, but interesting, and it looked like they were hiring three levels of QA engineer, maybe one of them will be a match. Checked the email from the guy who left voicemail, he had a job for me at Logitech, which is a company I'd love to work for except they don't make anything all that interesting for me as a tester. He left two messages, one original and one replying to my auto-reply. The auto-reply clearly bsays I'm looking for streaming media, which his job is not. What it is, is a manufacturing QA job, mostly testing components, and with occasional trips to Asia (Taiwan, I'm guessing) because it says Mandarin would be a plus. I do speak about 20 words of Mandarin, but not "where's the bathroom" so I'm not fluent.

    I did not reply. If he contacts me again, I may. Just to find out if there are non-leadership roles. And if Asia means Thailand.

    Today's highlight was supposed to be a job fair, but when I got there, at the check-in desk they had no list of people who had signed up, and were asking if I was in education. Inside, there were 5 not 15 employers, 4 were school systems, one a very Peace-Corps-ish concern called Seneca, a group of agencies promoting mental health services statewide. I took a flyer to pass along to some Peace Corps alum.

    Other than that it was a total waste of time & electricity.

    It was at the Embassy Suites, which has this "we are allergic to conventions" sign in the elevator:

    Plan A1 was to park myself at Specialty's around the corner after the job fair, Plan B was to do the same if the job fair was a bust (there was a strong indication it would be from the lack of details on the notices & web site). So I drove around the corner and was reminded by a barrage of yellow Tyvek that the Specialty's had been bulldozed back in February, to make way for a Whole Foods.

    So I drove home. But first, a stop at Fry's to buy a Windows 10 compatible keyboard. The typing problems all pointed to the USB gadget which takes the wireless signal from the keyboard and mouse. Windows 10 has some USB compatibility issues, so...

    Home, hooked up the new keyboard/mouse, and so far it seems the problem is solved. It has all the bells & whistles of the previous one except the Thai support, but frankly most of my Thai writing is cut and paste. And there is no sleep key. There are five programmable keys, but it looks like those can only be programmed to launch a program or a URL. I like the placement of the DEL key better. Do not like the Insert key being right above it, though.

    Watched a Tivo episode of PTI, and when I switched back to live video, was happily surprised to see The Bold and the Beautiful has reinstated the black cast, including my heart throb, Felisha Cooper, who seems to have lost 20 lbs, much of it up top, since we last saw her. The script and directing for today's segment were lame. Shot in a closet, almost.

    In the mail were two more ads for Marc Berman, so I pulled the other five out of the recycle bin, put them all in an envelope with a short note telling him his PACs have lost him my vote. Have to look up his address to mail it to him.

    While printing the note, my main printer said it was out of black ink. I put in a replacement I'd bought online from a third party manufacturer, and the printer refused to accept it. Knew it was a forgery. So I hopped in the car and went back to Fry's. After spending 5 minutes looking for it in their somewhat random display of 7,248 different kinds of Epson cartridges, I looked at the printers, found one which uses that type, and asked at the desk. They don't carry the cartridge. The manager wasn't even ashamed that they don't carry ink for one of the dozen Epson printers on the show floor.

    When I got home, I ordered express delivery of just the black ink, and did some online shopping. For the same price as a full set of Epson refills, I found a comparable Canon printer. So that's been ordered. I thought it would be harder to find, but Canon's web site has a much better search engine than Epson's or Amazon's. The features I needed:
  • CD/DVD direct printing
  • Two-sided color printing on plain paper
  • Wireless
  • Scanner

UPS tracking says the lens will be delivered tomorrow. Yay! I should take it somewhere for a test. The $$ has been slurped from my Visa card.

Dinner was again two small frozen dinners, probably could have survived on one. Dessert was grapes and cantaloupe pieces.

Back to the PC, did the Python homework. The basic coding is easy, but formatting the output is a PIA.

# week 1 assignment
# Howard Stateman

# Create a function “CalculateArea” which calculates the area of a circle
# or a square. One input is a string that indicates a circle or a square,
# the other input is either the radius for a circle or the length of the
# square’s each side (both in inches).
# If the calculated area is more than 100 sq. inch, simply print “too big”.
# If the calculated area is less than 10 sq. inch, print “too small”.
# Otherwise print the calculated area.
# For any other geometry type other than square or circle,
# print a suitable error.

# CalculateArea(“circle”, 5) Area is 78.57 sq. inch
# CalculateArea(“square”, 5) Area is 25.0 sq. inch
# CalculateArea(“circle”, 15) Too big
# CalculateArea(“square”, 2) Too small
# CalculateArea(“rectangle”, 2) Unsupported geometry type: rectangle

import math

def CalculateArea(shape,size):
        if shape == "circle":
            full_area = (math.pi*(size**2)) #pi R squared
            your_area = float(full_area) # make floating point so we can truncate to xxx.xx
            print ("The area of a circle with a radius of " + str(size)+" = ")
            if your_area > 100:
                print ( '%.2f' % your_area + " is too big!!") # '%.2f' truncates to 2 decimal places
                print ( '%.2f' % your_area)
        elif shape == "square":
                full_area = (size**2) # length of one side squared
                your_area = float(full_area) # make floating point so we can truncate to xxx.xx
                print ("The area of a circle with a radius of " + str(size)+" = ")
                if your_area < 10:
                    print ( '%.2f' % your_area + " is too tiny!!") # '%.2f' truncates to 2 decimal places
                    print ( '%.2f' % your_area)

        elif shape == "triangle":
            print("Sorry, Hypotenuse is in the shower.")
            print("Format is 'CalculateArea(shape,size)'")
            print("Where shape is \"circle\" or \"square\" - lower case and do not forget the quotes")

Run the program, type in CalculateArea(shape,size): where shape is "circle" or "square" and size is radius of a circle or one side of a square, and it tells you the area. And because the teacher said so, if the area of a circle is greater than 100, complain that it's too big, if the square is less than 10 say it's too small, and if something besides "circle" or "square" is entered, complain.

I'm not sure, but I think he wants us to upload our work to yahoo groups.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wish Baltimore sister a happy birthday
The usual job search
Baylands? Take the bike to Shoreline Park if the lens arrives early enough.


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