Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Much To Report

I had nothing on the calendar. It was in the mid-90s outside, in the 70s inside, so I stayed inside except to collect the mail and to check for the Nikon lens.

Slept well, until 6:30 am. Got up and fired up the PC and looked for ways to cancel the very expensive Epson ink order. Couldn't do it online, so at 7 I phoned and they entered a request to cancel, but no guarantees. They said if it ships, just go online for an RMA and ship it back. I had paid for same-day shipping, but the Fedex info said it would not get here till Monday. About noon I was able to do th RMA thing.

Facebook and LJ got a lot more attention than usual. I touched up the Python code after I noticed the assignment wanted a specific error message if the user wanted the area of a rectangle. That took 3 minutes.

Did a little more job hunting than usual, and applied for a couple of jobs I may not be qualified for.

Got a LinkedIn message that one of my ex-co-workers got one of the jobs I had rejected (it has a rotating 24x7 requirement).

Gave Midsommer Murders another chance, a 2-part story with 10 minutes of begging in between, as well as ads for an exterminator. So much for commercial-free. I was am still not impressed with the show.

My new keyboard doesn't have a sleep key. The Windows 10 command which is supposed to put the machine to sleep either restarted it or turned it off. Some browsing pointed me at a suite of free applets, one of which worked. I was able to program it into one of the 5 macro keys at the top (above the function keys).

Lunch was ad hoc cold stuff again, dinner was beef pot pie, dessert was blueberries in chocolate pudding. Yummy, but my 10 pm Hgl was 250, so I had to shoot up extra high test insulin.

The lens did not get delivered till 8pm, the very last minute. Boo, hiss. The paperwork says they cleaned all the elements, and all the connections, tested focus & zoom & exposure. I'll try it out tomorrow, probably.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Baltimore sister and sing happy birthday to her off key. Family tradition. Me and older sister have legit singing voices, the other sisters not at all. I know I put this as a plan yesterday, but I was writing after midnight.
Pick up the quilt.
I think I'll go out to Shoreline Park with the camera. More to take pictures of.

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