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Mostly Plan B and X

Except for waking up sweating at about 2 am, I slept well. 7:30 alarm I was already awake for 15 minutes. By 10:15 all my routine online stuff was done, and it was looking like a boring day. Too cloudy to take the camera for a spin, so I did some computer maintenance. A couple of weeks ago there was an update to my check printing software, but as usual Avanquest supplied zero info about it. When Quicken 2016 came out, I installed it but the check writing program did not work with it. Quicken keeps changing to non-backward-compatible databases. Anyhow, I re-installed it, and this time the checks printed without errors.

So the plan was to go to Specialty's, have a sticky bun and a Coke, and install it on the laptop. Got halfway done, which is where Quicken makes you log into their web site to validate the software. It wouldn't take my password. I had it send me a reset message, and it sent about six, but logging in it kept saying try again later.

So I stopped the process, and put the laptop into sleep mode and packed it up. It was almost 2 pm by then, I figured the quilt ought to be ready to be picked up, so I drove out there an d no, they had not even started on it. Two weeks it had been just sitting there. The old lady (not the person I'd dealt with before) pointed to 4 pm on the receipt, as if it was the time it was due, but that was the time it was dropped off, so no. But I didn't argue.

Went to the nearest Starbucks, which is in a Safeway, bought a mocha and set up at a table, expecting to finish the Quicken thing, but their wi-fi was dead. I was sitting right under the relay. Infuriating, because yesterday another Safeway manager called to respond to my feedback on his store, and he said their wi-fi was so bad they sometimes lost orders from vendors. The company has a regional IT department which inflicts their bad equipment on all the stores.

Plan X was the library, but first a stop at BofA to get some cash, because after I pay for the quilt I'd be down to $20. I've learned to take it in $100 increments because above that you get 50s and 100s.

So, Sunnyvale library has a killer connection, speedtest.net says 125 Mbps both directions, but there were about 50 people sharing it, so I still couldn't log into Quicken. Or maybe Quicken was still hosed.

Left there at 4:05, got to the quilt place at 20 after, and she had just started working on it. She said to come back in 15 minutes, but it was 99° outside, humid, the sun was now blazing, and I was in no mood. So I went home. It's warm enough to not need it on the bed, but I miss it. I'll drop by Monday afternoon, probably.

A major go-home signal was an Amazon alert that the Canon printer was sitting by my carport door.  As usual, they put the Canon box in an Amazon box 50% larger, so it was a bit awkward unboxing it. But the printer is very sleek and pretty and much better designed than the Epson, especially the software. Printing a DVD looked non-intuitive, but one I'd done it, it made a lot more sense than the Epson's routine, and unlike the Epson, the on-screen (the LCD screen on the printer) help was brilliant. The scanner lid is on a hinge, designed to allow books. The front stays closed, but when you send a print job it pops open and extends the paper catcher. There are separate trays for photo and plain paper. The only gripe so far is there is not a lot of clearance for inserting the ink cartridges. But each has an LED which lights when they are inserted properly.
In my morning boredom I had forgotten to water all the indoor plants. There are many fewer than last week, I dumped a lot of the gnat catchers, will probably dump two struggling fuchsias and four more gnat catchers.

Tivo had PTI and Graham Norton new episodes, so I watched those. Lots of ads for Modern Family, which I *hate* because the guy who plays the dad just slimes me. Bold & Beautiful was all white again. :-(

What else? I did a round of dishwashering.

In the mail was yet another Marc Berman ad, which reminded me to look up his work address (there is no snailmail address on any of his campaign literature or web pages), put a bunch of Earthscape stamps on, and parked it by the carport door so I remember to mail it Monday.

In other news, after two dismal showings, the local hockey team finally discovered that the game does not end at the start of overtime.

One annoying thing about this latest keyboard is the Insert key is where the delete key should be, and is right above it. So I keep slipping out of insert mode, which on this Seamagic editor, removes characters in later paragraphs as I type in new ones above them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take the camera out to the bay shore, shoot some birds. Or maybe take the camera on the train to SF and the bus out to the ocean.
Wanted to go to HMB, but being Sunday and summer break the traffic will be nasty.

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