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Mister Eclectic

Arghhh! $183 for nothing.

Another sweaty start to bedtime last night, I really need microfiber pillowcases and a terrycloth bolster. Actually I have at least 3 sets, but only one of them has deep enough fitted corners to stay on the mattress.

Alarm at 7:30 was on the Kim Komando show, and I was amused to hear her lauding the performance of the Arris Surfboard cable modem, and then mentioning there are other good brans, such as Motorola. I just finished emailing feedback to let her know that when Arris bought the home networking part of Motorola, they acquired the Surfboard product line, and then re-branded it as soon as they legally were allowed to.

After the morning job hunt, it was already getting hot, so I drove to Sunnyvale Caltrain, resisted the temptation to go across the street to the massive (4 blocks wide) fart & whine festival, caught the heavy rail to San Francisco, and then the light rail to the ocean. It was sunny and warm until we reached the Sunset district, which is where the overcast and wind appeared. It was chilly and windy at the beach (I figured it might be so I brought a jacket and wore an undershirt under my button-down). My sun hat did not keep me warm.

A nice surprise was seeing two hot women womaning a Bernie table on a traffic median between the rail stop and the beach. I thanked them for their service.

There were surfers, but not a lot of surf, and being so cloudy it was not great surf photo weather. I didn't stay long.

Back to the embarcadero, where it was sunny and not too chilly, and there were Things To Take Pictures Of. And oh, so much eye candy. I have not posted the photos yet, maybe tomorrow, because an initial perusal showed that not only did the lens cleaning not eliminate the spots, there are now more than ever, and more pronounced. Easiest to see against a gray sky. So my next step is to try some serious troubleshooting with another lens. Baylands park tomorrow with the 24-70 and/or 85mm would work.

Apparently I have not been to the Ferry Building since 2003, because the last time I visited that whole neighborhood was in the toilet, but according to the plaque, everyone's favorite corrupt mayor, Willie Brown, managed to get it completely renovated and now it is a beautiful array of shops, bars & restaurants, and there are ferries to six or more places from several piers. Very impressive. I almost took one to Sausalito, but decided to save that for when I had more time. I also thought about going to the zoo instead of the beach, but it was not zoo weather. The zoo is near the beach, so it would have been cold & overcast.

Oh, and lest I forget, zyzyly, I hacked some portals from the train. Caltrain only stops for about 2 minutes, so I would have to line up a portal as we pulled into the station, and as we were pulling out, the items from the hack would follow me no matter how far out of range the portal got. Too much fun. And of course there was a portal every few feet along the embarcadero, most of them green, but I had to stop because it was seriously eating my battery and I had no way to recharge.

It was 6:30 when the N train got out of the tunnel, and I had heard them announce when I was leaving the Caltrain  station that the last train was at 9:15, which meant my next train was at 7:15. So I wasn't too concerned when I got off the N two stops too soon at AT&T Park, and the plan was to go to the Safeway across from the station and get a bottle of soda and a snack or sandwich, but they only had one cashier lane open, and it was the self-checkout one, and there were a dozen people in line and the line was not moving. So I put the stuff back on the shelves and went to the station.

And the train was boarding already at 6:50. Odd, the gates don't usually open until 15 minutes before liftoff.

It was pretty full, which it should not have been yet. When I sat down they announced that this was the 7 pm bullet train, which doesn't make all the stops. My stop was on the list, so I was lucky. They didn't used to run express trains on weekends, except for Giants games. The Warriors were playing, but that's on the other side of the bay, you wouldn't take Caltrain to get home from there.

I check my app, and sure enough, there *was* a regular train at 7:15.

It wasn't as good a photo trip as I would have liked, because Caltrain doesn't wash their windows, and Muni doesn't replace carved up windows *or* wash them. Lots of photos I would have liked to take, but the camera stayed in my backpack. It was my dinosaur pack, and I got lots of compliments on it from children of all ages.

Back at Sunnyvale, they were packing up from the fair, and the extent of it was amazing. I wish I had gone yesterday.

Dinner was sausages & mixed veggies with marinated artichoke hearts and a pickle on the side. Popsicles for dessert. And chocolate covered dried mango slices.

Still coughing. There is a lot of that going around. In class, on the bus, on the train. Lots of post-natal drippers.

Great to see the Warriors clobber the Cavs tonight so decisively. Now they need to do that in Cleveland. I am not optimistic.

Plans for tomorrow:
Job hunt
Baylands with the camera
4 pm or thereabouts, pick up the quilt
Spend some Quality Time on the League of Women Voters' site to nail down which of the 37 bozos wears the red foam nose best for the state houses. I really would like to vote out the incumbent Congressman just on principle, but his main opponent is slime. Born in PA, went to school in Chicago & Yale, Obama appointed him to an undersecretary post, but he bailed after three years to be a Silicon Valley patent attorney. He has major funding from all the wrong big tech businesses. He almost won last time around, and again is engaged in incredibly petty negative campaigning, but at least this time the incumbent is not taking the bait. And he's an RPCV, and answers my email. And his niece was in a musical with me, before she got her law degree, got married and moved to DC. Were still friends.

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