Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

Almost midnight. Feels earlier. I was drugged and dressed this morning at the crack of 10:30.

The online search yielded two jobs worth taking a stab at. And I'm starting to get very nervous as my bank account gets lower and unemployment insurance is too, and the reality is too big a chunk of my nest egg went into the downpayment for the house.

I went out to Baylands as planned, set the camera on a tripod and took identical shots mostly of the sky, using the bluetooth remote shutter release which works through my GPS unit. Started with the just cleaned lens, then put on three others. On the zoom lenses I shot at every focal point depicted on the lens, and took 2 shots from each of the fixed lenses.

And then I got the bright idea of flipping the mirror up and looking at the sensor. Something I should have done Day 1 on receiving the camera from the eBay seller. All those spots had a corresponding spot on the sensor. And then I made th Big Mistake of thinking those may be dust spots, and trying to wipe them away. Took a couple more pictures after that.

Got home, slurped the images onto the PC, and every one had the spot pattern. And the final two had a HUGE splotch. I had wrecked the sensor.

Caloled my favorite repair shop, they said they can't replace a sensor, Nikon won't sell the parts. Called the nearest Nikon repair center in Sacto, and they quoted me $1500 for the sensor alone, adding labor and shipping, it would cost the same to buy a used replacement camera. Which I cannot afford at this point in time.

So two things happened. Thing one is I hauled all my old camera gear out of the closet, put away the scratched one, pulled out the best old one (not that old, actually) and re-did my backpack kit.
The injured camera is a Nikon D800E, which has a full frame sensor, and uses lenses which deliver a true 35mm coverage area. Which makes them expensive. But it also makes them faster, as in wider largest lens openings (f-stops). My best older camera is a D300, which has a 3/4 frame sensor, which uses lenses which deliver maybe a 27mm coverage area, which makes them less expensive, but slower, but also it means a 200mm lens on the D300 zooms as if it was a 300mm lens on the D800.

The second thing is I finally got off my butt and listed a very nice and way too expensive 24-70mm full frame zoom lens on eBay. I have hardly used it at all because I like to zoom more than 70mm, and it's really made for indoor family photo shooting, not the outdoor and studio lit shots I tend to take. Used price is about $1k. I could use the cash.

And I have too many DX (3/4 frame) lenses. There are two which I ought to sell. Maybe tomorrow.

That adventure done, 4 pm, it was time to pick up the quilt, hoping Jennyfer the owner would be there to translate. She wasn't. The work was done, I paid the $60 in cash, made sure to get a receipt (which Old Lady was surprised to be asked for). More on that later.

Next stop was The French Store, because I needed some tooth stuff, microfiber king sized pillowcases, a toilet rug for the guest bathroom (don't ask), and some Starbucks time (they have good wi-fi in the store and usually just enough seating). And the view is terrific - right by the escalator withy a view of the place people grab shopping carts. Very warm day, many short shorts.

Stopped off at Home Despot, bought a pair of shop vac bags.

Home, put stuff away. Spook jumped on the bed and started to play with the plastic bag which was over the quilt. Took out the quilt, took a look at the workmanship. So-so. But I'm really annoyed because she had trimmed too much off the bottom, so now the hand-stitched inscription from my sister is under the edging. Can't even tell there is one if you don't know it's there. She did well by using all the orange edging, and only using the black for the top and bottom, but she didn't return the full packet of black which was not used, so demerits for that. Bad Yelp review is in store for tomorrow.

Tried to install a bag into my shop vac, the bag is way too big. Vacuumed the driveway anyway. It's all leaves from trees across the street.

Spent too much time on FB.

Dinner was Thai coconut chicken from frozen. Attempted to have mango chunks for dessert, but they still were not ripe, and never will be edible. Finished a container of cantaloupe chunks instead. And a popsicle. And some Famous Amos cookies.

Watched PIP where they were all about the Warriors again, with some Ali time as well. Also played last night's Miss USA pageant, which started with Steve Harvey admonishing the MC to not even think of saying "Columbia" and ended with Miss District of Columbia winning the crown. The swimsuit parade was worth it, except they only had the 15 quarter-finalists strut their stuff. Earlier, as each of the 15 was announced, they displayed a head shot and a short blurb about the contestant, followed by about 30 seconds of from the shoulders up video of the contestant. The head shots were pug ugly but the video was stunning, showed their eyes well. And when they announced the winner, Miss DC's face got all pinched and ugly from crying. Runner up Miss Hawaii never lost her blazing smile. I think they picked the wrong winner.

Plans for tomorrow:
Yelp review
Maybe take the old camera out for a spin (Shoreline Park?)

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