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It was a horrendous night. Before bedtime, about 1 am, my Hgl was a pretty good 91, so I did not shoot up any insulin. So when I woke up at 3:30 feeling wrong I went to the kitchen and took another reading. 68, too low. Had two Klondike bars because as I finished the first one I could feel myself going lower.

Back to bed, exhausted, at 4-ish. Spook was sprawled out on the quilt. :-)

Woke up at 6, Spook was in the cat bed. Also :-)

Could not sleep past 8, was pretty frazzled, but the great news is the microfiber cover for the bolster toy and the jersey (t-shirt material) pillow covers solved the sweating problem.

Walked to the community center and voted. That was about noon.

Lunch was a baloney sandwich, and chips with my home-enhanced French onion, clam and bacon bit dip. Forgot to take a lactaid pill.

Got my D300 with an 18-200mm lens and was ready to head out when the lactose kicked in. :-(

Half an hour later I was en route to Shoreline Park. It was hella windy - had to hold onto my hat. Lots of people were on the lake. Sailboats, kayaks, sailboards, paddle boats.

I took it easy, did not walk too far, but got some good shots of lake activity. But mostly was taking pix of the birds. At one point all the Canada Geese squawked and ran for the bwater, as a hawk landed very close by, parked in front of a squirrel's burrow, and let me get within 10 feet before deciding I was more of a threat than lunch was worth.

Later, caught him in the air

There was also a tern hunting for food in the lake, but the geese were in the way. I didn't catch him in a dive - too far away.

And this little guy caught a berry of some kind. Crabapple?

Other than the summer camp kids, there were not a lot of people in the park. Some of that is the wind, but some is probably fewer people sticking around the area after they lose their jobs.

Home, was completely snackered, nackered, done. Took a nap. That was about 5:30 pm, woke up around 8:30. By 10 I had lasagna in the oven, and dinner was at 11, adding garlic bread.

Watched PTI and half of NASA's Unexplained before hitting the PC . Heard the news about the election results at about 10, am totally flabbergasted that Bernie did not even come close in CA. I won't be voting for the top spot in November.

I was pleased that my candidate for US Senate was one of the two winners, well behind the slimeball who came in first, but it was a field of 47. November will just be the two of them. And my guy got more votes than slimeball in the House vote, but they have to run off in Nov.

Plans for tomorrow:
surgical strike shopping: Sodastream cartridge exchange, q-tips
Python class

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