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Calm Thoughts

After 4 days away from home, the cats follow me around more than usual. After work last night I opened the patio door so they could go outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and then parked myself in front of the TV and caught up on Desperate Housewives and The Daily Show. The cats parked themselves on the carpet in front of me, and took turns on my lap when they should have been outside. So I sat out on the patio for half an hour to get them out there.

The star jasmine I bought a week or two ago is in bloom, and the flowers in the planter all looked much better after I watered them. Thought about filling the hummingbird feeder, but I have not heard or seen any hummingbirds in the area for months. We have one at work which keeps trying to come through the space which is occupied by a window pane, but none at the apartment. Will probably fill the feeder sometime soon, though.

It's nice to look up at the giant redwoods. Very calming.

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