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I posted this on FB for #TBT, and am now surprised how handsome I was back then. I never thought I was. Still don't, for the most part. Anyhow, it's me after a parade in Seattle which ended at the Seattle Center, so it probably was the main Seafair parade (because Torchlight goes the opposite direction, starting at the Seattle Center and ending at what is now CenturyLink Field (used to end at the Kingdome).

I was in Seattle's all-city high school marching band the summers after my 9th-11th grades. That thing in my left hand is a bell-front baritone horn (there are also bell-up horns, and baritone trumpets). It was a huge honor to be accepted, Seattle had 16 high schools, mine was the smallest, and I think there were only three of us from our school in here. What I did for love. I moved to Seattle in the middle of 9th grade, and managed to squeeze band into my class list. It took some doing, because the suburban NY school I had come from required us to take 8 periods of classes a day, Seattle only had 6, and required one of them to be study hall. I remember they let me take WA State History as a self-study. After school sometimes I was in a play, sometimes stage band (I played trumpet in that).

But I digress.

In band there was a clarinet player named Mary. She was Japanese-American. I had a huge crush on her, but she had a huge crush on Ted, the lead trombone player. Ted was engaged to someone else. Maybe some day I'll tell that story. Not now. Anyhow, hanging around Mary after band practice I noticed a couple of small emblems pinned to the lining in her instrument case. I asked what they were for, and she told me they were participation awards for all-city band. toward the end of the school year she let me know how and where to audition, and my band director was more than happy to recommend me.

Mary and I never hooked up during those summers, except one time she invited me to play tennis, knowing I didn't play - "I'll teach you, it's easy" she said. It wasn't.

After we graduated, I sent her a bunch of love letters, and she sent them back, with one of her senior photos, framed and a note that said if I wanted her picture all I had to do was ask. Oh well.

There were girls from all over the city, and it was an excellent group of musicians and a lot of fun. I had one other date, a petite snare drummer whose figure was accented by the drum straps across her chest. But she lived in West Seattle, which was a 3-hour bus ride from my house back then.

The highlight for me each year was our trip to Vancouver, BC to play in the PNE parade which starts that festival. My final year we led the parade, which was a huge honor.  At the end of each PNE parade, we were each handed a little commemorative spoon.

Our main thing was the various Seafair parades, all over the city.

Not much to do after the morning routine, so I actually did some homework. Figured out 2/3 of the first exercise, but had no problem with the second one. There are about 8 of them.

On the calendar was a NOVA class at 1:30, job hunting for mature people. As usual, the instructor was excellent, the materials were pretty good, and this time I actually got to meet two other QA engineers and talk with them for 20 minutes. The irony here is there really is no point meeting people who are unemployed for the same reasons I am. If they had any contacts which would help, they would have jobs. But the class was very participatory, and there were several well-spoken people who had some light to shed. I did not agree with some of the strategies the instructor suggested, such as not pointing out to an interviewer that it is illegal to ask an applicant's age, but for the most part the class pointed us in good directions.

That was a very fast 2 hours.

Next stop was Target, which was out of SodaStream cartridges so I couldn't do the exchange. :-(

Then on to downtown plaza, where I fired up Ingress and saw that almost everything was green now. I have finally discovered the inventory, and how to use some of the widgets. I went around firing resonators, linking all the things, applying mods (whatever those are), upgrading resonators, and hardly being attacked at all. The only blue on my route was a portal I had captured the last time I was there.

Walked to Starbucks, set up the laptop with a view of some seriously attractive women, and did some more homework. And discovered we had not been taught how to input the type of data our programs were supposed to chew on. Input as in asking the user for data. As in "please enter your four childrens' ages:" and have the program make that into an array. In python those are called lists. In our instructor's accent it took a while to get this, since he pronounces the word "ah-ry" with the accent on the first syllable.

It was 6:30 before I left. On my way back to the car I took a detour, down Murphy Ave, which has a portal every 3 feet. Most were green, but I captured several neautral ones and linked as many as it would let me. When I got back to the plaza there were a couple more neutrals, and when I captured one of them, the game boosted me to level 4. As usual, I have no idea what this all means, and am somewhat perturbed that it's a compulsion. I'm not much of a gamer, but this thing is well done, kind of pretty and gives a false sense of accomplishment.

Traffic was horrible, to the point where it was clear that I wasn't going to be able to get out of the garage any time soon, so I put the laptop in the car and grabbed the tablet, expecting to sit on a bench and read. I sat on the bench, but it was such a nice day and there was a lot of people watching to do.

A little after 7, traffic was back to reasonable, so I drove home.

Turned on the hockey game (it was 3-2 in favor of the Sharks, who had plenty of time to blow it, and lose in overtime). But as soon as I tuned in they scored goal 4, with only a few seconds on the clock. Had they lost this game, they would have lost the tournament, but now they get to come home to San Jose for the next one. Which they will probably lose.

Meanwhile, football is starting up. Training camps, and all the drama that goes with newly drafted college stars meeting the AARP-bound players from last season. The NFL Network channel is transitioning from replaying old games and "life of" documentaries and covering the football news.

Politics. I cannot vote for Hillary. Not any more than I could have voted for Lurleen Wallace. Maybe I'll vote Green. Jill Stein is a lot like Bernie. She has even invited him to join her ticket.
Plans for tomorrow:
Try to refuse the Fedex package which was delivered despite my canceling the order. If needed, place a stop payment with the credit card company
It doesn't look like it will be beach or park weather.
Do some more homework
Try out my senior clipper card?

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