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Friday Kinda snuck up on me

I was wanting to go to the Cal Academy of Sciences, I have not been in years, but looking online there is no good way to get there by public transit. It's a half mile walk from the nearest light rail stop, and the buses which stop right in front require even longer walks and waits.

So instead I browsed for a new massage place, found it, and was in the process of writing it into Google Keep, when I got a call from a recruiter about a job at Logitech which I had seen online before, but was put off by the last two lines. One said it included QC of incoming parts and the other said it would be nice if the candidate spoke Mandarin. And travel was required. To Taiwan. I'm guessing they would only send a hardware QA person to China if there was a problem with incoming parts, and that really is well outside my area of expertise. It's for a camera product, and maybe I could learn to test that pretty easily. He said he expects they will at least call me and will know sometime Monday. I was somehow thinking it was Thursday, but that was still a reasonable time frame.

Okay, massage place. With all the human trafficking blather on the media, I was expecting to not find much online, but was surprised that there were a dozen in each city within a 10 mile radius. I picked one in Milpitas, which is a place I rarely go to because the freeway to get there is insane, but it was right after lunchtime, so it wouldn't be as bad. Except it was. Not the stop and slow of rush hour, but free for all for BMWs, and all the need for speed drivers.

The place is new, it's in an industrial area, just past Punjabi Radio's office. The usual prices, and I was assigned a larger than average therapist who gave a real CMT massage. Turns out she is Vietnamese, but she looks Chinese. I tried some of my 10 Mandarin words on her, drew a complete blank. They had classical Vietnamese instrumental music playing, which sounds a lot like Chinese music, with maybe a western instrument or two added. Or not. Very pretty. Way prettier than classical Thai music, at any rate.

She worked for the full hour, which is rare.

Probably won't go back, at least not any time soon, because there are so many other places to choose from on my side of the Bay. But it's nice to know that even in an election year, new massage places can get licenses.

On my way home I pulled into the last shopping center before the freeway to see if the Thai Karaoke restaurant was still there, but it is now a Chinese place. In the same center there was a Fedex office, so I dropped off the Epson delivery and they will mark it refused and send it back. They don't do tracking on refusals, though.

Five days after canceling, Epson still hasn't sent me an RMA label, despite their policy of 1 business day. Two messages to their support center returned Indian syntax boilerplate about how they are so very happy to hear from me, and if there is no progress in 7 days, they will close the case. WTF?

Home, Did the LinkedIn thing, but no jobs leapt out at me. The loser job counselor from that company which former company hired had popped up on my feed, so I removed her from my contacts list, and then went through all my contacts and removed some people who have moved cross country, or to India, and one fellow whom I found out was a registered sex offender (with minors) who had two profiles, one with and one without his photo. And yes, when I found out I looked him up in the registry and there he was, photo and all. He was a contact because of being in BASFA, and he had been a regular at meetings (may still be - I haven't been in months as they have moved their meetings to places not convenient to me**). He is not in an industry I'm interested in, so, buh-bye.

Facebooked a bit, sat on the porch with my second bag of Bee's Friend gleanings, pulling out twigs and crushing the fuzzy seed pods to free the seeds, which are tiny black bits about the size of a gnat. Did not know how to separate the fuzz from the seeds, so I emailed the Seed Savers from which I'd bought the original pack of seeds. I want to send them some of the pickings. They replied quickly that I could use a screen or maybe a kitchen sieve. It was still early-ish so I went to Lowe's in search of something that would work, but they have zero non-BBQ kitchen gear, and their screens for doors and windows are too fine a mesh. Not wanting to dive into rush hour traffic, I went home, plugged the car back in, watched 2 days ago's PTI, triple FFed through two Bold & Beautifuls (all white again) and then started preparing my lamb chop dinner.

Two heads of garlic, sliced, half an onion, went out to the garden and harvested a bunch of mint, chopped that up in the Cuisinart, poured it into a bowl and added some vinegar & sugar and boiling water for a poor man's mint sauce. Sliced up a handful of mushrooms.

Cast iron skillet, heated some olive oil and caramelized the onions & garlic.  Added the mushrooms. Poured that onto a plate. Seared the two lamb chops, poured on the mint concoction, and cooked for about 10 minutes, flipping the chops every 3 or 4. Another 5 minutes with the onion mix poured over the chops.

Put one chop and half the veggies on a plate, and that was dinner, will freeze the rest. Famous Amos for dessert.

BASFA had been meeting at a Coco's for a couple of years. This is the fourth place they have had as a regular meeting place since I joined. Excrement occurs. In one case, it was a pizza place which was taken over by noisy sports fans (the meetings are Monday nights). Another two changed their hours so they closed before our meetings ended. And this last time, Coco's was closed without notice, and the building is still empty.

As a stopgap, they tried the Round Table next door, but the food choices are limited and the rooms too small. So they formed a committee, which came up with a list of places, and over the course of the next couple of months they met in many of them, none of which were an easy drive for me (Coco's was) and eventually they had a vote on which ones would be the finalists. As I understood it, they would try meeting for a couple of weeks in each of the finalists, and then hold a club-wide vote on which one was the winner.

But what actually happened is they met for a month at one of the finalists, then AT THE LAST MEETING THERE they voted. My pointing out that the vote was unfair for those of us who cannot make it to meetings there, and thence were deprived of a vote, was met with the incongruous answer that we'd had a club-wide vote in April. But that was for the list of finalists, not for the Chosen One.

So I'm done with going to meetings. I'll stick to FB and the mailing lists. And maybe I'll go to another con some day and see some BASFA members there.

Turned on Tivo to play today's PTI, but it was pre-empted by half an hour of the Muhammed Ali memorial service. They caught most of Billy Crystal's speech. It was wonderful. No way to describe it, so here's the video:


Bryant Gumbel was next, he was boring, I mostly FFed his too-high-toned posturing. Bill Clinton wrapped things up and boy did he look & sound elderly! But he still knows how to give a speech, just not how to pause for applause. Or recognize an applause line, for that matter. But it was a fine way to end the speeches, except the recording ended a few seconds short of his final lines and the obligatory standing O. So I looked it up:


Plans for tomorrow:
Find a screen for threshing
Maybe go to the City on my new Clipper card, and catch my heart throb Melissa O'Keefe in On A Clear Day You Can See Forever. If there are tickets left (it's a small venue)

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