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Catching Up: Saturday

No idea how well I slept. Can't remember. Spook was on  the bed for a while. Pretty much slept in, I think.

The only plan was to take Caltrain to SF and then Muni to VanNess & Market, and see my heart throb Melissa in On A Clear Day You Can See Forever. The original idea was the 6:14 which would get me to the theater just before curtain time (8 pm) but as usual I was way early, and had a choice between the 5:14 milk run or the 5:later express which would arrive 4 minutes later. I took the first one. It used to take an hour, I'm almost certain, but now it takes 1:25. So that put me on the bus at almost 7 (they only run every 20 minutes on weekends now) and at the theater at 7:15. If I had gone with the 6:14 train I would have missed the show.

But I was early enough to buy a snickers bar at Walgreen's across the street and take some cell photos of the magnificent building in which the theater now resides. It used to be the Masonic Temple.

Across the street there was a line around the block for something. Judging from who was in the line, I'm guessing rap group.

I had never seen the show, knew Streisand was in the movie (one reason I have never seen the show), but it didn't matter much because this was a rewrite where instead of the main characters being a woman and the same woman in a past life, this time the main characters was a gay man and the woman he was in a past life. And his shrink, who falls in love with the past life woman, causing the gay man to think the shrink is in love with present day him. Which puts a dent in gay man's boyfriend's plans to cohabit.

Melissa was the 1940s singer.

The production was okay, but a bit uneven. Only two or three of the musical numbers were memorable, and the rewriters made the mistake of saving the title song for the end, then repeating it ad nauseum. There was an outstanding performance by some of the players, including the Obligatory Fat Chick who is the shrink's assistant and in love with him, so she keeps setting him up on dates. Transference. There is a man about my age who played about 15 small parts, all very well. And a woman my age who played a few almost as well. The gay man's female roommate was excellent. She probably had the most lines besides the gay man & the shrink.

Gay man was so over the top flaming I was glad I was in the back row in case of spontaneous human combustion. He also had an annoyingly reedy voice. Shrink has a lovely baritone voice, but we only heard it on those rare times when he was all the way downstage, because at the 2nd to last performance he had forgotten he was not miked. Ditto for all of the ensemble except the two old people.

The tech was stunning for a no-budget show. Lighting colors were coordinated with a fancy faux proscenium which had backlight effects built in.

No set to speak of. Some very clever choreography, especially the trio dance between shrink, Melissa and gay man. When shrink goes in for the final kiss, Melissa fades back and the kiss goes to the gay man as the lights go out.

I stayed about 15 minutes after to get a hug from Melissa, which is always worth the wait. The show was long, I had already missed the 10:15 train, and when I walked out of the building the bus was just pulling out, so I took the stairs down to the Muni station and caught the N back to Caltrain. No 11:15 train, had a long wait for the midnight last train.

Sunnyvale at 1:30, figured I was most of the way there so went to Safeway and did my banana and frozen food shopping.

Home at about 2:30 am
To be continued


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