Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Catching Up: Sunday

When last we left our hero, it was 2:30 am Sunday morning, he put away the groceries, added a placeholder LJ post, ate some mixed fruit, shot up, and went to bed.

Even though the shooting up was in proportion to the Hgl reading, our hero forgot that it was in proportion to a much sooner bedtime, and at about 6 woke up with optical migraines so severe he couldn't see straight, a deep insistent hunger, and not a lot of ability to keep completely upright on his way to the kitchen, and his Klondike Bar stash. Hgl reading of 57, which is a major crash.

As usual, I took the medication to my recliner, turned on the TV, after 9 am back east so the Sunday Today type shows were on.

Except they weren't.

In my dazed and blood sugar depleted state, I did not understand what I was seeing on the screen.

I was seeing Orlando. At dawn. And an ad for the Tony awards. Tonys, Orlando and dawn. This is your brain on insulin. Any questions?

Low blood sugar episodes sap all my strength, so between the very last bedtime and that, I went back to bed as soon as I could walk straight.

Nothing on the calendar till 5:30, I didn't even get dressed until 3:30. Kept the shades pulled. Watched too much CNN and MSNBC, and I hate to say it but I felt no personal reaction. Just the intellectual ones. And the knowledge that if Sandy Hook's dead babies didn't make anything change, a bunch of dead what too many congresscritters still call faggots certainly won't make anything change.

There was one thing that annoyed the crap out of me, is the PC media have added a Q to LGBT. WTF? I am livid about that. In the 80s, those people stole the perfectly innocent word "Gay" from my vocabulary because they objected to being called queer, and now they WANT to be called queer? Jesus Christ on a pogo stick juggling chain saws, bowling balls and popsicles! I am done. From now on they are just people.

4:30, dressed, hauled my still whacked body to the car and met Janice for coffee in MV. She has offered to bribe me with Thai food at a very nice restaurant in return for fixing a bunch of computer issues. The biggest issue is she panics. She has used computers for 30 years and she still panics in front of them. Her late brother was a computer guru. J & I  met on the Internet before there was a WWW. Sheesh.

I was planning on going to a 7 pm storyteller's meetup after, but we talked till past 7:30, and the meetup host texted she would not be there, and only 3 others had rsvped.

So home, heated up a quick dinner, made sure I was done eating by 9, did the minimum on the computer, was more careful with my meds, and was in bed by 9:30.

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