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Mister Eclectic

And Now It's Monday

Up at 7:30, was dressed when Automation Guy phoned to chat at about 9. Because I was about to head for Kaiser MV for a fasting blood test the doc reminded me to take. Got to the lab at about 10, now it costs $35 when it used to be free pre-medicare. Long wait for the Obligatory screaming/nursing baby. Bled at ab out 10:30, then took myself upstairs to the doc's office where there was another wait for my BP check. Nurse was pleased with what I had been told last month was too high a reading. 142/xx My xx is always under the prescribed 70. Used to be 120/xx was the target. Nurse today said it's now 140. A second reading 5 minutes later was under 140/xx. So I was good to go.

I could have walked, but did not want to take up clinic parking space when there was a free lot right under the Bean Scene, proprietor of fine pastries and beverages. And much to my surprise, there were several spaces for electric cars, so I parked in one even though all the chargers were in use (2 spaces per charger). Walked across the street to B of A and got some Yuppie food stamps at the ATM and took 10 of my Caltrain dollar coins inside and traded for a pair of fins. (Yesterday to pay for parking I put in a 20 and the machine gave me 15 dollar coins).

Back across the street and was disappointed to see the coffee shop had no pastries in stock. I settled for a slice of chocolate mousse cake and an iced coffee. Took those outside to the tables in the shade, and read from the Kindle app, and latched onto MV's wifi and Facebooked and Instagrammed.

In the morning there had been a couple of calls from a NJ number which I let go to voicemail, but there was no voicemail message and no email. While I was at the Bean Scene, there was a another call, this time I took it, and Indian recruiter calling from NJ with a contract possibility at YouTube which I'm pretty sure I was already rejected for, but I told her for $50/hr I'd consider it. She said she would email the job description, but nothing came in the next 10 minutes.

Back to the garage to put my tablet in the car, and when I saw there was now a free charger, instead of going home I plugged in the car and got out my laptop and headed for the library next door.

Set up my laptop, and there was email from NJ. I confirmed the hourly rate, attached my resume, and sent it off. And got a reply asking if I could do C2C. I asked her what that was, she replied it means Corp To Corp, if I have incorporated myself they can offer a higher rate. I replied that no, I have to be W2.

Been looking for a mortar & pestle for some of my Thai cooking, and online they are expensive and hard to tell quality, so a little out of my way, but I went to the Asian market closest to my house (there are no longer any big ones near downtown MV). They had all kinds of other stuff, but no M&Ps. I stocked up on garlic & ginger and they had a good price for red delicious apples. Also picked up two small soup bowls to replace a couple of casualties.

Now I was closer to Ranch 99 in Milpitas, so I headed there.
Much to my surprise, Ranch 99 had no M&Ps either. But they had Dungeness crabs for less than $3 a pound so I bought two. They wanted twice that for live ones, but no thanks. Made the mistake of going to their deli for fat bombs, ended up buying a whole roast duck and about 3 lbs of BBQ pork. It was now 2:30 and I was getting hungry, and the center that R99 is in is a cavalcade of Asian eateries and jewelry stores, so I walked the north side of the U, but the only place that was open was the Malaysian place. So I walked across to the south side, but the Thai place was closed and all its signs were in Chinese anyway. Just before getting back to R99 there was a shop catering to all the restaurants, but also selling retail. It was kind of Asian kitchen heaven, so I walked all the aisles, replaced missing spatulas, and found a whole bunch of M&Ps, settled on a marble set. Very heavy, solid, and small enough for the small portions I make. Also found a tea ball on a chain, much better than the one on a stick I have.  Happy, brought that to the car and started for home via the back roads.

As I was pulling out, I got a call from NJ, but it was some dude from the same recruiting company who seemed to be trying to hijack the account from the woman, but my bluetooth kept cutting out so all I heard was his really bad accent and some mumbling. It looked like his PBX was on the fritz. Or maybe he was calling from India, but I don't think so because it would have been 4 am there.

Home, unpacked, unloaded the laundry from the dryer, put the whites into the dryer but it was too warm to start it up.

Delivered from Jet was the 3 3-lbs bags of Costco walnuts. They cost me $11 each, at Costco they are $20. That was the only deal I saw on Jet which was really a deal.

Eventually the crabs got cooked, and food was transferred to quart freezer bags. The crab went into the fridge, I'll probably have one tomorrow for lunch. Most of the duck and pork is in the freezer, with a sandwich bag's worth of each in the fridge. The M&P, bowls and spatulae are in the sink, awaiting dishwasher critical mass.

Oh yeah, I also brought in the garbage bins.

Interrupted this to have some food. One baggie of duck pieces. Earlier, Spook was staring at me putting the duck into bags, so I ripped off a piece and put it in her food dish. She delicately pawed it out and batted it to the linoleum, and walked away. What kind of cat doesn't like a piece of duck? I also ate half of a week-old container of cut cantaloupe, which has started to ferment. Tangy! And a few potato chips. May have a popsicle later.

Just checked my lab results. Everything done except the A1C, and they are all better than the last 10 times. Through no fault of my own. Credit the non-snacking nature of unemployment.

The Warriors lost at home, handily, partly due to the NBA suspending one of the key players for the game, on a call which should have gone against the opponents. Next two games are away. Boo. Hiss.

Emailed the woman recruiter, asking her what's going on.

Plans for tomorrow:
I don't think I have any except eat some crab.
Maybe Baylands.

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