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Still Unemployed

It's starting to get to me. By this time the last two layoffs, I at least had some interviews. I'm maybe a month away from selling some of my meager stock holdings.
Slept well last night. Woken up with the alarm at 7:30, did some research using the tablet before getting out of bed, including checking my A1C, which is the best it has been since records began. All my readings are good except for the Good Cholesterol™. My doctor's stand-in wrote that it means I need more exercise, but I've been getting more since the layoff than ever.

Now that some interesting facts have started to appear about Orlando, I am hearing on the radio talk shows the phrase "self-hating". It makes me cringe. My whole life until I atheized myself I have been hearing rabbis rant about "self-hating Jews" as they moan and groan about the steep decline in the number of Orthodox. Their logic is:
The person was born a Jew
The person hates being a Jew
Therefore the person hates himself


The person has stopped being a Jew, removing the self from the hate.
He hates being in an angry religion which worships an arbitrary, cruel and angry deity. Out of self-respect, he stops. Sans hate.

What is the last bit of Jaques' soliloquy? Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.
The first bit I did at Bangkok Community Theater was help with tech on As You Like It. The tech director was a colonel in the US Army's JUSMAG group, which operated spy listening equipment on the Cambodian border. The cast was mostly British, but our Jaques was from either the French embassy or Alliance Francaise, a force for promoting French arts & letters overseas.

Did my morning stuff. No answer from yesterday's recruiters.

Looked on the SodaStream site for exchange partners, and it is woefully out of date. BB&B and Costco have never done this, Target is routinely out of stock. Bevmo was listed so I phoned the local store, and they checked to make sure they had them. They did. So that was my first stop this morning. They charge $3 more than Target, perhaps that's why they keep them in stock - bigger profit margin.

Downtown was on the way home, all kinds of Ingress portals in the plaza were neutral, so I captured about six of them. Could not link some, no idea why.

Went to Starbucks, had an egg salad sandwich, iced tea and a piece of coffee cake. After eating I took out the laptop and did the job search thing. Today all the recruiters were on drugs. Uber's faux recruiter account emailed 4 times with the same stock message. One Indian guy in Atlanta wanted to be a LinkedIn contact for no apparent reason. A woman from CyberCoders thought I was a great match for a medical device management job. That one was so far off the wall, and CyberCoders is a reputable firm, so I asked how that match was made, and the answer basically was she had not really read my resume, she was just clicking on all the Sr. Engineers assuming management was the next logical step. Boy is she wrong.

Back to the plaza, two of my portals were neutral again, so I captured them again. If I cared, I'd look up the rules. But for now it's just mindless entertainment.

Home, set up the laptop on the porch and did some homework, but after a few exercises my mouse died. Changed batteries - twice, still no go. BT lamp did not light up. Went inside to get my spare BT mouse, but discovered it was also dead. And recalled it was in a pile meant for recycle which got moved when I cleared off the office table to move it away from the CD racks.

Unplugged the car and went to Fry's. Found a duplicate MS mouse and also a cheaper Kensington for a spare. While I was there I looked for a large capacity MP3 player for the car, but there was none. Most of them take an extra SD card, but I know most only take up to 32GB and I have 60GB of music at least. But none of them had the limit listed on the box. Need to go online for that.

Also looked at SSD drives. I would lik to speed up the PC by replacing C: with an SSD and eventually the RAID array as well. But not on my budget right now. To replace the four 2TB drives would be between $2800 and $4k. C: drive needs about 512GB, that's around $150-300.

Normally it would be time to build a new PC, but Moore's Law has not held true for CPUs this decade. Or memory, for that matter.

Home, watched some TV while I tested the MS mouse. It worked fine. Put the laptop away, will do homework again tomorrow on the main PC. But I have to transfer stuff from the laptop to a USB drive first. One exercise was to write a program to take a list of numbers and reverse the order of the list, without using the "reverse" command (there is one). After making things too complex for 10 minutes, I found the 2-line elegant solution. Yay. Now I can't remember it.

The teacher posted his answer to week 1's homework, a week late. And it was wrong. He had asked us to write a program which computed the area of a square and of a circle, and print an error message when the square was too small and the circle too big, and those were different sizes. His homework used the same size for each, and printed errors for too big and too small for each. His program makes a lot more sense than his assignment did.

Dinner was a production. Pork fried rice. Used the rice cooker for the first time in ages, chopped up garlic & onion & mushroom. Made the bad decision not to chop the pork smaller than it was chopped at the grocery. Added a cup of frozen veggies. Cooked it in the flat bottom nonstick wok, probably not long enough, and added too much best of the egg at the end, which made it very lumpy. Made enough for 2 servings, one went onto a plate and it needed some fish sauce, but the Philippine brand I have doesn't have the restricted pour cap, so I ruined it with a flood of that stuff. Ate it anyway, knowing the other batch will taste better.

After dinner I somehow motivated myself and got the extra rice into sandwich bags and the second helping into a freezer bag and all of it into the freezer.

The people who have dropped me as a friend here were people whose LJ posts I have not been reading. One because it was clear that every time I posted, or almost every time, were were not reading the posts the same way. Like we were on different planets. So why bother? The other two hardly ever posted, at least not anything I was allowed to read, so again, why bother? I won't drop them from my list of friends, they have done nothing to offend me. And if they want to keep reading here, that's fine. Maybe they will add me back when they realize the world is not all about them.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual.
Do some homework
Python class at 7


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(Deleted comment)
Jun. 15th, 2016 06:04 pm (UTC)
You are a more open-minded person than I am. We've never talked about how deeply your family units dipped you into Judaism, but I suspect that it wasn't very if you were able to approach atheism as setting your mind free rather than as an allergic reaction. :-)
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 15th, 2016 07:49 pm (UTC)
I think what made the transition to atheism easy for me was that I was only in it for the music. I love singing in minor keys. My mom's parents were orthodox, but my Hebrew school days were at a conservative temple so I only learned to read Hebrew phonetically, until my Bar Mitzvah class, where the cantor made sure I knew what the words meant for that one paragraph. Being able to say and sing all the Hebrew without knowing what it meant came in handy later, learning to sing in several other languages.

In college I took a lot of medieval history classes, because the professor kept giving me A's. So I learned all about the various religious atrocities of that era. That was the shoehorn, But it took living in a Buddhist country, followed by living in Israel, and a couple of years of my fanatic older sister's fanatic children's rants to kick the shoe off.
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