Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Midnight, not a sound from the pavement

The windows are closed so I wouldn't hear it if there was a sound.

Tonight's python class was mostly content-free in that 90% of the new commands  worked the same as the ones we went through last week. Kind of like if one day you get taught a piece on a trumpet and the next day you're taught the same piece on a baritone horn. Not even a French horn, because that's played left-handed and backwards. The good news is we went over all the homework to date, with him explaining line by line what is happening in the program, with programs suggested by class members. I was able to contribute the best answer to one of those. The high school kid participated a lot, and he had correct answers, but he usually took the long way around to get to the answer. Not what they call "elegant" code.

Spook has been very vocal all day. Yesterday UPS delivered a new toy for her, she loves playing with it. It's a variation of one of her favorite livingroom item. Combination scratching post, platform and long hemp-wound rods with cloth-encased ping pong balls on an elastic cord. She loves to scratch her face on the ends of the rods, and attacks the balls with tooth & claw. And gets whacked when the elastic snaps back.

Lunch was a small Dungeness crab, and Spook ate every piece I dropped on the floor in front of her. She won't take it from my hand, but she will lick it on a fork (that did not seem to be a wise plan, though). 

Spent a lot of the afternoon doing homework. A little watching TV. I finished reading what was on the Kindle: Date Night on Union Station. Pretty good mindless science fiction. The premise is a completely unqualified young woman is the consul for Earth on a space station, and the AI race which runs the station (and Earth, for that matter) also runs the local dating service. The book was free or close to it, but the characters were not deep enough to warrant reading the sequel.

Dinner was in two parts. Thai coconut chicken from Safeway's freezers (before class) chips & dip after class. Breakfast was a bowl of mixed cut fruit.
Recruiter emailed with an interesting job at GoPro. The pay is too low, and the commute is bad, but it's interesting technology. It pays almost 3x unemployment,  little less after taxes and even less with gas costs. Keeping my driving mostly local, I've only used 20 gallons of gas in 2,400 miles. The GoPro commute would be on battery there and gasoline back.  Public transit is a non-starter, it's more than 2 hours each way. Anyhow, chatted with the recruiter, and she will submit my application.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual
Lunch with Janice at Rice (a nice Thai place -- it's a bribe) and then fix some of her computer issues & help burn some photos to DVDs. A village in Fiji she has visited many times and supported for 30 years got blown off the map earlier this year, and we've been working on filling in some of the lost photos. I was there ion 1995, and put my photos on DVD already.
Maybe see the show at PA Players. It's talk-back night, and I know half the cast.

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