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Today was a to-done day. Dropped off the package at the PO, deposited a check at the ATM (I don't like the idea of using an app to do that - IK want the paper check at the bank, not in my shredder), bought a new flagpole holder and the right screws for it. It was very humid, and warm, and rained a tiny bit.

After staring at all the alternative sites on the front of the house it is clear the place the flag pole had been is the only intelligent place for it to be. All the other spots had too little clearance, would get caught on something, or would flap across an entryway.

So I drilled new holes about 1/2 higher than the previous holder, and mounted the thing, then put the flagpole with flag in it. While I was at it, I loosened the gadget which keeps the flag from wrapping around the pole so it swings freely.

Fired up the Amazon Fire to watch a couple of episodes of Genealogy Roadshow, and while I was watching, there was a pounding on the front door (3 feet behind me), so I opened the door to find an Amazon delivery guy trying to hide a small package under the welcome mat. I was so busy yelling at him that people wipe their feet on that! And don't touch people's stuff! that I forgot to yell at him for not pushing the doorbell. He was apologetic, tried to blame my next door neighbor (she thinks packages will be stolen) so I yelled at him for that too. This is two days after I wrote to Amazon and they assured me they would pass my complaint to the local delivery service.

It was a very inexpensive 64GB MP3 player, similar to a 32GB one I have been using in the car, but that one can't hold all my music. I'm using something called Media Monkey to organize the files and index them onto the player, but there are scores of duplicates, I am tempted to create a new music folder and spend a week or three re-ripping my CDs.

Copied two DVDs for Janice, and printed "labels" onto the printable disks. The Canon DVD printer is a lot easier to use than the Epson. And the software is much faster.

Palo Alto Players advertised a $10 discount for a handful of performances, tonight was one of them. I have worked with two of the six people in the cast, so I went online to order a ticket. I get to the checkout, and the discount code did not work. One of the cast also had a $5 discount code, but that didn't work either. I couldn't see spending $44 for a small cast non-musical.

So I went to the movies instead, and saw the latest X-Men.

Not very well written. I counted two laughs in the whole show. Way too much violence, held on-screen way too long. 144 minutes, could easily have been 120. The idiots next to me brought their grade school daughters. PG-13. There was only one F-bomb, so I guess it was okay. But for the price of two child tickets they could have paid for a babysitter.

Jennifer Lawrence was mostly in human form, and when she morphed into blue it was mostly CGI. James McAvoy as Xavier did nothing for me. He had all the gravitas of a Wesley Crusher. Totally loved Sophie Turner's looks, but we don't get to see her actually act until the end. Rochelle Okoye is also seriously cute, and she gets to do some actual acting all the way through. Stan Lee's cameo is not a solo this time, and there is about 3 seconds of acting in there. Who knew? The Easter egg arrived after 15,000 names scrolled by (they told us that number in a tag), and it was humorless, had none of the celebs, and did not do its job of selling the sequel.

Plans for tomorrow:
As usual, water all the indoor plants
Ice Cream social at the community center

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