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The ice cream social had ice cream and I was social

Got out of bed at about 9, after at least three hours of the next door neighbor's dog barking. The bark is a staccato sound which sounds a lot like a cough. This is the first time it has been loud enough and constant enough to be annoying. I'll let Lee know next time I see her. She always apologizes for the dog barking, but usually I don't hear it enough to complain. Maybe I should call Caesar, the dog whisperer.

Spook was finding more than the usual entertainment out the bedroom windows, as well. Maybe the dog got loose.

Took meds, checked LinkedIn, watered all the plants.

This morning when I went outside to watch the hummers, I saw this:

The branch missed the house. That's my across the street Hindu neighbors, who have refused to allow the park to cut down the tree, and complain bitterly whenever preventive maintenance is performed. I hate that tree because it rains leaves all over the neighborhood and I can't keep up with the mess it makes on my carport. I love that tree because it's where the hummingbirds park when they divebomb my feeders, and maybe nest.

The park has a contract with a great professional outfit, and as I was about to sit down to lunch (beef pot pie), I heard them pull up in their chipper rig. They did a fine job of removing the branch with no damage to anyone or anything nearby, and then made the break into a clean cut.



Lunch done, there was some time for a little bit of Genealogy Roadshow on the Amazon Fire, and then a walk to the community center for an ice cream social.

Good quality vanilla ice cream, and a table of toppings. Only about a dozen people attended, I sat with a lone Chinese woman who appears to be single, and we had a nice chat, and then we were joined by friends of hers, and one of the long-time neighbors (1997 - he didn't look old enough to have been 55 then), and then a couple of other Bingo players hung around for a bit on their way to travel to help some family member who broke his hip. Not the usual senior thing - this is a man their son's age who cracked it in an accident.

The conversation reminded me that my Python class is the same time as bingo. :-(

Walked home after 45 minutes, did a bunch of homework. At this point the exercises are not very practical, they are the kind of homework assignments I rebelled against in high school algebra which tested how well you could manipulate numbers without making any connection to how or when you might actually use them. Geometry I loved because it was obvious what the real life applications would be.

All was not a waste, there was one "aha!" moment which the teacher had failed to explain correctly.  In most programming languages I have studied, to grab a consecutive group of letters from a word, you specify the word, how many characters in the first letter is, and how many characters you want to grab. For example, if the word is "alphabet" and you want to grab "pha" from that, you say word(3,3) because p is the third character in the word, and you want three characters. But in python, you say word[2:4] because they start counting from 0, and you want to grab from character 2 through character 4. Easy once you figure it out, but non-intuitive at first.

I did 9 of the 10 "exercises" (#9 was a waste of time) and then saw there were four more pages of homework. It appears that he punted the in-class lab time because we ran late, and mad those additional homework. Boo. Hiss. I'm sure we won't have time next week to go over all this. Not even close.

Took the car downtown, made a neutral portal green, and decided to be an automaton for 15 minutes and fire all my XMP at the nearest portal. Used up a lot of power cubes in the process, but did not appear to have made any dent in the portal. I'll have to look into changing to blue. Turns out they are the rebels.

Walked to Starbucks, spent a couple of hours people-watching. Very warm and breezy day, lots of short shorts and stretch pants to admire.

Stopped in at Prolific Oven for cream puffs and a Grand Marnier ball to take home.

Home, dinner was Lean Cuisine Korean beef & rice. Definitely not Korean beef, but much better quality stew meat. They got the sauce close enough. Veggie bits in the rice is also not Korean, but better.   Grand Marnier ball for dessert. Not enough booze, way more sugar than necessary. I make them with rum & Nillo wafers, walnuts and confectioner's sugar. And the size of a golfball, not a baseball.

Two more episodes of GR while I ate. Sometime soon my subscription to the Tivo Bolt will expire, I'm going to set it aside, maybe sell it on eBay, because the Amazon Fire does 4K HD without locking up my AV switch, and Comcast has no plans to give us 4K any time soon. Their new Xfinity box doesn't support it. The Bolt won't let me download content but the Roamio I have, which has a lifetime subscription, does.

Flattened and bundled all the boxes a day early. The foam in the printer box actually has a recycle symbol, so that went into the recycle bin.

Just turned on the bolt laser toy, which I had accidentally knocked off its perch this afternoon, and even though I haven't activated it in a month or more, Spook ran from wherever she was hiding halfway across the house to chase the red dot. :-)

Posted this on FB, because I bet Tony would have done so if he could. Or maybe not - his tour dates for this year (He's 72!) don't come anywhere near FL.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone my early bird baby sister and sing "happy birthday" at her, or her answering machine. She will be 57.
Maybe more python
Meet Janice for coffee/chat/DVDs in the late afternoon
Try to ignore the basketball loss. There is no way the NBA is going to allow the local team another championship.
Take out the garbage


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