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That was a shock

Tuned into Facebook a few minutes ago and right at the top of my feed was a pair of photos of a (relatively) young friend, H, in a hospital bed holding a teddy bear with crutches and half a leg on one side. My friend just had his leg amputated at the knee due to complications from diabetes. He has been on dialysis for years, and seemed to be back to leading a normal life after a foot issue maybe a year ago. I'll visit him tomorrow, if they let me. One of his best friends, M,  is a nurse there, maybe I'll run into him too. M was Sancho in the last Man of La Mancha I did, which H had directed. I've kinown H since 2000, when he came to see the first Man of La Mancha I did, and at the time he told me if he ever got to direct it, he wanted me to play the same role. He did, and I did.

In other small world news, the guy who played Don Quixote is holding auditions this weekend and Monday for The Music Man. The music director is the one who did Man of La Mancha, but I can't remember which one. I don't think I'll try out. But I am going to be in the chorus for the John Phillip Sousa opera El Capitan being done by that theater group as a concert version. The music director for that is a music teacher who was leading man when I directed The Yeomenof the Guard at Stanford.

Today went by slowly. I started the morning with a happy birthday phone call to my youngest sister, and was happily surprised to catch her at home. 9 am is usually her noon, and as it turned out I was just in time before her husband took her to visit a garden across Puget Sound (they live on the Olympic Peninsula) which she had wanted to see. She's a master gardener, and is taking classes and doing research with the object of writing a book on how to build gardens which people can feed themselves from. Or something like that. She said I should volunteer. She forgets I am not retired. She retired at 55.

Did some reading, harvested the last of the Bee's Friend seed pods and extracted the seeds. Trimmed some of the rose bushes. Pushed back the poppies so they won't clog the culvert. I really want to have landscapers remove the hedge from in front of the house and dump a few inches of topsoil/compost there. Not sure if I can afford that, though.

Went to Starbucks 90 minutes early so I could catch up online and maybe do some more Python. There was one homework assignment which looked like it was worth doing until I read it. Previously, we wrote a program to compute the area of a circle and a square, so I thought this might be for a triangle, but he wimped out and all he wanted us to do was determine of the three side lengths which the user input were valid for making a triangle. According to his instructions, the third side of a triangle has to be smaller than the sum of the other two sides. That was too easy, so instead I did what he assigned, then output the area of the triangle and what the lengths of the 3 sides combined was. I was just starting when Janice showed up.

We had a chat about her upcoming adventures. She was supposed to be at Yosemite this coming weekend, but for reasons I cannot disclose, she won't be going. And the place she wanted to rent on her upcoming trip to Fiji is already rented out, but she has a place to stay with a couple whom she hosted here recently. I gave her the DVD copies I'd made, forgot to tell her not to set them all aside because one CD has a copy of XNView for her, since Norton would not let her download it. It's my favorite free photo viewing app.

Home, had crab for dinner. It was mushy like the last one. Looked online and it turns out they were undercooked. Needs 20 minutes, the recipe I had said 10-12. Another trip to Ranch99 is in order...

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual Monday morning routine
Visit H in the hospital

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